Efficacy of Berberine?

Has anyone tried Berberine? If so, please share your results both good or bad, regarding regulating glucose, weight, any adverse side effects, etc. I’m interested in adding it to my treatment plan of Metformin 1,000mg 2X and Tresiba 7 units at bedtime.

I tried it but had no effect either negative or positive but I’m not type 2 so things that work on type 2’s don’t usually work on type 1’s.

Thanks for your reply. The publication about “Efficacy of Berberine in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes” at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2410097/ prompted me to ask about Berberine. I’m type 3CDM, owing to pancreatic surgery so I’m probably more similar to type 1 now that I require insulin. My learning curve is still steep…

I’m not certain whether or not metformin itself would have any effect on me at this point - early on, it helped me with fasting BGs, but pretty much nothing else. I cannot tolerate metformin, however (and, with my Dx now Type1, I’m not likely to have anyone recommend that I do, anyway :slight_smile: ), but I have tried berberine to see if it would help me with dawn phenomenon. I did not see a significant improvement when I tried it – but I also did NOT have the adverse side effects on it that I Had with metformin. I may try again in a larger dose, at some point.

Interesting, thanks Thas for sharing. Seems to me I’ll need to focus on reducing the amount of carbs I eat and exercising daily. Because I’m not comfortable adding a short acting insulin to my treatment plan, increasing my long acting insulin, or starting a prescription medication that would make my pancreas (what’s left of it) work harder; burn out, Sigh…

My Dr increased my metformin to (2) 500mg twice a day but it was causing diarrhea, so on the morning dose, she said take just one 500mg met along with one 500mg berberine she suggested (Thorne Industries) brand. So far it is keeping BS down. I continue to have a lot of gas and diarrhea though. Yesterday morning I only took one berberine without met, no gas, no diarrhea AND checked BS 2 hrs later and it was 116! Im going to talk to Dr about my trial, not sure about long term use of berberine?