The use of Metformin and other oral meds for type 1 Diabetics


Can anyone comment on the use of any newer oral medications to help manage dawn syndrome in Type 1 diabetics?

Much appreciated.

I have been using Metformin for the last two weeks for dawn phenomenon and I’ve been able to eliminate the second shot a day that I had been taking of Tresiba. My morning BG’s are much more stable and I have only needed to take some extra fast acting insulin in the morning once this week.

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I’ve been taking metformin for a year and it’s virtually eliminated my dawn phenomenon (though I still need variable basal rates with my pump).

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Thank you for your reply. This is really helpful.
My doctor won’t prescribe it…but won’t give me a reason. Time for me to change doctors.

I appreciate your reply. This is helpful. Its time for me to obtain a second opinion from a different doctor. All the very best to you.

I asked to try metformin because I’d heard it could help with female hormones causing BG fluctuations. But my doctor is also pretty open to letting me try new medications and treatments since I have great control of my diabetes and am very motivated to maintain tight control. I’m not sure he’d be so open if I had poor control. I hope you’re able to find a doctor who will prescribe it if they think it will help you.

Thanks Jen.

What time of the day do you take Metformin for help with the dawn phenomenon?

I’ve been taking it right when I wake up no matter whether that’s 6 am or 10am but my “dawn phenomenon” starts when I wake up, so for someone whose DP starts in the early morning hours that might not work.