T-slim charging

Its that time, time to replace my pump. I am weighing my options and the T-slim is one of them. I find the Tandem pump to be interesting but I have questions about charging.

Rechargeable batteries means that it is going to have to be connected to a charger and that means the pump is going to be stationary for a while with me either disconnecting and doing without or being stationary with it.

How often must it be recharged and how long does it take for it to recharge. I would like to know how does someone managing the charging process.

Can USB portable chargers recharge it on-the go? Like this one: RAVPower 16750mAh 4.5A Dual USB Output Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank (iSmart Technology) - Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MQSMEEE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_GZCrybN5Z5RRY

(That’s just a random one, there are many similar). Or would that not work? Just a thought…

@Sam19 I have thought of one of these as a back-up plan but not sure if it would work. I believe Tandem pumps charge with a USB but I would worry about warranty issues from charging with an unapproved source.

I googled the subject after I posted it, and from a glance it appears that lots of users are doing it… not sure how that might affect warranty… that wouldn’t have occurred to me to consider

I won’t say that I wouldn’t use one of these but would rather not if it wasn’t necessary. The issue with one of these would be applying to much current and over charging it, if the output amperage were compatible I would see no reason not to if necessary.

I see myself trying to charge as the pump instructions call for and I want to know how big a hassle it would be.

I have the T:Slime G4 and I charge it when it’s at 85% or lower. It comes with a USB charger. I charge it when I’m watching TV. I’ve charged it while I’m sitting at my computer. It also comes with a charger that can be used in the car. My car isn’t new enough for it to be used, but I do have a charger for my cell phone, that I can plug into it. It generally takes about 10 minutes to charge.

I try to charge it every other day. If you know you’re going to be sitting down watching a television program or reading something for at least 10 minutes, you can charge it then. This works best for me.

T-Slime, Is that a typo or are you dissatisfied with your T-Slim. I suspect a case of auto-correct going amuck or are you truly unhappy with it, if so please tell me why.

I was also concerned about charging but have found it to be less of a hassle than batteries since I have no use for them other than my pump.

I’ve seen others write that they simply charge when showering which taps it off every day. Personally, I’m kind of irresponsible and usually let it get to 20% or so before I charge (usually a few weeks). Then I just plug in for an hour while I’m doing stuff on my computer since the charging cord can be hooked up to it. I’ve also charged in my car on longer trips which was a nice option.

I have not found the charging to be an issue at all. There are so many ways to charge it, and it’s either regular short spurts or a periodic longer charge:

  • I loved the car charger (until I lost it, somehow)… I would charge the pump on my 15 minute commute to work and/or on the way home.
  • I usually have my cell phone plugged in to charge overnight. When I wake up, I will sometimes switch and plug the pump in while I catch up on any phone activity/updates.
  • I have occasionally used a USB cord to charge my pump from my computer at work (I just try to muffle the loud beeps that happen right after you plug it in - you can’t change those to vibrate).
  • I have a portable USB phone charger that I got with my cell phone, and I have found that to be a good charger for my pump, too.
  • I try to download my pump data weekly to t:slim and diasend and will sometimes keep the pump plugged in a bit longer than I need for downloading in order to charge it a bit.

Overall, the charge lasts for about a week I believe (I usually get to about 50% before I start to search for a charger), and I’ve found it to be less inconvenient than having to search for a AAA battery.

There are probably plenty of reasons to choose other pumps over the t:slim, but I wouldn’t count having to charge it to be one of them.

I like my T:Slim, it was a typo. I was in a hurry when I replied. I thought I reread my post. I can’t believe I wrote slime.

I’ve had my t:slim for 2 years. I charge it every other morning when I take it off for a shower. Quick and easy!

Love my t:slim!

What happens when you are camping or out of pocket not near a charger? At first it sounded great when I read about it, now I think it was a bad decision on Tandems part. It makes me rethink going on one once they have their closed loop system out. But since I hate camping maybe it won’t matter. :slight_smile:

The charge lasts a week, so if you know you’re going to be completely away from technology, charge before you go. But then again, there’s a car charger and there are portable chargers. I find the fact that it’s a USB charger to be very convenient. I can plug it into other pieces of technology (laptops, ipads, etc.) and steal their power to charge up the pump.

It really has not proven to be a challenge. Not any worse than if you got a low battery alert while in the woods and didn’t have any AAA batteries with you.

I will say, however, that was the biggest caution the Minimed rep gave me when I told them I was switching. I’m glad I gave it a chance. They really went with the scare tactic there.

I plug the charger into my computer and charge while I am using it. Takes about 10 minutes to go from 85% charged to 100% charged.

I have had my t:slim for 2 years now and have never gotten close to running out of a charge. I charge it whenever I’m sitting in the car, at the computer or watching tv or just reading a book. Many charge while showering but I live in Southern California and I can’t take long showers any longer. It holds a charge for a long time and I just top it off every few days.
My big concern with every piece of diabetes equipment I have now, is they are all rechargeable. Which is get not needing and throwing out batteries but what do you do during a disaster? For me, I really try and plan for worse case and what would I do without power? My pump, reciever, meter are all rechargeable and what if there was an earthquake and we had no power for days? So I am still trying to figure out what kind of portable power pack would work and how to you have one ready to go in your emergency kit? So for the side note, but something to think about, right? Or am I just a worry wart?

This is why I’m glad my daughter’s OmniPod PDM takes batteries. Next version probably won’t though. Come the Zombie Apocalypse, we’re going to be in a world of hurt (can’t charge iPhone, can’t use Dexcom G5)…

So funny you say that as I am a huge Walking Dead fan and I figure I wouldn’t last very long even if I stock pile. I mean, one low blood sugar, you know the kind where you’re crying or laughing or screaming. No good with zombies around. The people in my group would probably put me down for the safety of the others. But like I said, if I had to go a week without power, I could be in a world of hurt.

In the event of a ZA (it’s only a matter of time), you can just come hang with our group. I don’t have D, so I won’t go low. I have a glock and amazing aim. You’ll be just fine with us.

“In the brain, but not the chest
Head shots are the very best”

(I saw this stitched on a pillow at my great-aunt’s house.) :wink:

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Thanks for thinking and helping us PWD! And I have to get me a pillow like that! That is perfect for us Dead fans!

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My family lives in an area that experiences about a week or so without power every other year due to snow. When this happens, there’s a family up the road that has a generator who they visit for showers and chargers and they also use their car to charge electronics.

Like I’ve mentioned, I have a decent portable charger that I keep charged up and in my purse, in case either my cell phone or my pump needs a charge while I’m out and about. It’s worth investing in one for anyone who is nervous about being away from a charger for an extended period of time.

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