Eli Lilly touts data for concentrated insulin delivered via Insulet’s Omnipod tech

Eli Lilly (NYSE:LLY) touted data this week from a Phase III study evaluating its Humulin R U-500 concentrated insulin delivered via Insulet‘s (NSDQ:PODD) investigational Omnipod U-500 device.

The company reported that people with Type II diabetes taking Humulin R U-500 using the Omnipod device experienced greater A1c reductions and needed less daily insulin compared to adults using multiple daily injections to deliver high doses of insulin.



Would have liked to have seen real data in the link. The results from that study were predicted to be out in spring 2017. From my own experience, I agree with their press release. I was having significant DP and an A1C no better than 8% on MDI. After using an Omnipod for 3 months, my A1C dropped into the 6% range and the amount of daily U500 insulin dropped over 50%. My A1C is now in the 5% range with no increase in lows compared to MDI. Getting a steady basal dose made all the difference for me.
On an unhappy note, I hate to be cynical but U500 is very expensive so no wonder Lilly is touting success. It is still packaged in 20ml vials. I use mine way past the 40 day “expiration” date due to cost. Am blessed with great insurance but I hate the waste.

I am surprised because they haven’t even been approved for U-200 yet.

Seems like the U-200 would happen before U-500!

I know they’ve been talking about U-200 for a while also.

U500 has been around at least 40 years…

What surprises me is that they have not gotten U-200 approval yet, but are already working on Phase III with U-500.

The jump from U-100 to U-200 is smaller than U-100 to U-500.

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Could they be targeting T2s with insulin resistance?

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I have been hearing about the U-200 omnipod plans for quite some time (a few years ago, I think).

I think the U-200 and U-500 would both be the same idea - more insulin available in the pod - just of varying degrees.