R-500 Insulin

I take a large amount of insulin, and get about one and a half days from each pod. It has been suggested that I consider using R-500 in my OmniPod. Is anyone currently using this insulin, and how is it working for you?

Since I am a Type 2, all cost for the Pod supplies is out-of-pocket for me. The only thing Medicare covers is part of the cost of insulin. This being said...the ability to have better control of my numbers is well worth the cost to me, and I love my OmniPod. But it would be nice to be able to need only 10 pods a month instead of 20!

Your comments will be greatly appreciated.

I use U500 in my OmniPods. It works just fine. In fact I tend to try and go close to the extra 8hours after expiration. If you time it right, you can gain some extra with the pods. I’ve had no problem with U500. Just remember to make the adjustments between U500 and U100 since the OmniPod is set for U100 insulin. Good luck!

Thanks, Bob. I'm seriously considering trying it.

I use the U-500 in my OmniPod and a pod lasts me about 2 days usually. I take an average of 100 U of U-500 per day. It works the same as U-100 insulin, you just take less of it. One problem I have is nighttime lows. You need to be really careful and make sure your trainer knows what they are doing when they set up your settings. I take 0.3 units during my sleep hours, 9P to 6A, and most of the daytime hours I take 5.0 units.

I would say if your Dr allows it and will prescribe it, then go for it.

Thanks, Benny. Since you and Bob have had success, and my doctor was actually the one who mentioned it to me, I've decided to give it a try.

I appreciate you both for taking time to respond.