Omnipod and u500 insulin

I know that all of the pump manufacturers recommend only u100 rapid acting insulins like Humalog, Novalog and Apidra.

I'm thinking of getting the Omnipod and if I do, my nurse educator has said I'll definitely need to switch to u500. Has anyone got any experience using u500 in the Omnipod or in any pump for that matter. This will be my first pump, and she's thinking of switching me to u500 no matter which I choose.

I understand U500 is bovine (old insulin making method) produced only, no the synthetic that the others are now days. So you should probably see less effectiveness in some ways.

Hi Scott.

Actually U500 is an rDNA synthesis. There are apparently no syringes for it with unit markings, so you have to use a standard, 1 cc syringe, with 10th markings. As I understand, it tends to function a little differently so that you don't just cut your dosages by fifths.

It'll be interesting learning a pump AND new insulin at the same time.

I found that when I went on the pump I started using half of what I normally take so might be that you would not have to use the 500 as of yet.

Wow really?? That would indeed be wonderful. I can hope!