Emergency Kits update

Hi Everyone -

So, you know how sometimes things seem a little more relaxed in your own diabetes world, and then it gets too relaxed and you forget your meter when going out for short trips, etc? Well, that has been the case for me lately, and I was TOO relaxed after taking a shower before a wedding recently that I got ready, went out the door to a silent quaker meeting wedding, was 107 before the meeting, and then tested afterward at 170, and thought, hmm… thats strange? so I look down and no pump! I left it in the hotel. Was lucky it was not much much higher. SO, I always keep extra needles and my current vial of insulin with the meter, and think, Hey - no big deal, I’ll just give myself the correction with the needle, my estimate for the next hour, pick up the meter on the way to the reception, no problem - I was almost excited to give myself a shot the old fashioned way. I take out the needles and insulin to give myself the shot, and see the syringes have been rubbing into each other for so long that all the marks have worn off!

I was able to estimate successfully, but it was a good reminder for me to UPDATE MY EMERGENCY KIT! I hope this helps someone else…

Dave and Dan - you both make good points. My wife is not diabetic, so I don’t have a second pump close by. She is an RN, so that has helped from time to time tho. I always carry quick-sets/meter/strips/needles/glucose tabs on my Harley and in the car. I have had times when my Accu-Chek strips in the car had expired and then I wasn’t able to test. Hate that when I have 20 strips left out of a 25 strip bottle and the meter tells me “expired” when I stuck a strip in to test.
For me, the single most important item I do not want to be without are glucose tabs or equivalent. On my bike, I have sugar packs/gluco-tabs in my windshield pouch, in easy reach. I can stick the sugar packs in my mouth(if need be unopened) and just chew away. At 70mph cruising down the road, I’ve done it quite successfully too. I also have these tubes of “Hubba Bubba” squeeze pops. They call it a “squeeze&lick” lollipop. It has a twist cap, so it can be reused as often as needed. A few squirts of this and I am good to go in no time. Have them in the car and in the dash pouch of my bike. No melting and lasts until I need it.

It is always wise to be prepared. My Dad taught me years ago that if I am prepared, I probably won’t need it. The minute I am not prepared, I’m in trouble.
Thanks Dad.

LOL Dave I have never thought of couples doing that. I guess that is one good thing about having a spouse that is diabetic. Mine is a abnormal so no help there. HAHA