Daily Diabetic Supplies

I was wondering what everyone carries with them everyday to treat their diabetes (supplies for pump, meter, instant glucose, etc).

This is what I leave the house with each morning when I go to work:

  1. 3 extra infusion sets
  2. about 1/2 a bottle of insulin and a spare insulin pen
  3. syringes
  4. 2 extra reservoirs (I bring 2 because sometimes I have issues with reservoirs not working properly)
  5. a variety of snacks, clearly labeled with carb contente (glucotabs, fruit bars/snacks, snack bars with protein)
  6. Anything else I'd need for a site change (skin tac, alcohol prep pads, IV3000, etc)
  7. Meter
  8. At least 3 vials of test strips
  9. Spare batteries for pump and meter
  10. Lancing device
  11. A few spare lancets, just in case I actually need to change the sucker!

I am a little on the paranoid side because I work downtown and have a somewhat long commute. I have gotten stuck at work a couple of times because of weather events and other things, so I always like to make sure I have enough stuff to get me through a few days. My office is also stocked with some extra stuff (infusion sets, reservoirs, insulin, spare meter, test strips, etc).

Holy crap. I leave the house with 1 glucometer with strips and lancet and 1 humalog kwikpen. I have pen needles in my drawer at work. I have jelly beans in my car. If I had to be organized like mybustedpancreas, I would never get to work. Good thing I am on MDI ! But at the same time, I work 2.5 miles from my home and have never been stuck in my office without being able to get back home.

Depends how far I'm going. If I'm local...my skittles and meter/lancet/strips. Any further and I have a pack with an extra infusion set, reservoir, alc swabs, insulin, spare batteries for pump/meter, dexcom charging cable just in case, extra snacks like nut bars. It's almost all already packed - just have to throw in the insulin and go. Frio if it's super hot.


Glucose Tabs are a must. I also take my meter every where with me. I don't have a pump yet so right now the glucose and meter is all I really carry with me unless I am going to be eating while I am out then of course a couple needles and my insulin.


I try to always carry:

-meter & lancing device (with extra lancets & 10+ test strips)
-Levemir & Novolog pens (currently in a frio case)
-a few pen needles
-alcohol pads
-small sharps container (empty test strip canister)
-candy: gumdrops (2.5g carbs/per piece for a mild low when I just need one or maybe two) & mints (5g carbs/per piece)
-a few bucks in case I need to buy some candy or juice/soda
-BG log
-and I try to remember to put on my medical id bracelet

It's a lot of stuff, but I feel more secure when I know I have everything I could possibly need! I live in Brooklyn, and once I get to Manhattan, it's not convenient to make a pit stop at home to pick up supplies, so I better be prepared for anything! All the planning allows me to feel more spontaneous once I'm finally out of the apartment with all my gear.

do people really still use alcohol preps ? I mean those on MDI, not the pumpers.

I do because I am parnoid of infections etc. I have been told I don't really need to.

paranoia is an unreasonable fear, I don't think it is unreasonable to fear infections. But at the same time, I use pens, and nano needles, I lick my finger after I have checked my blood sugar, and I can't even remember the last time I used an alcohol prep. Wait it was when I was using a demo omnipod and it came with the demo kit, so I figured when in Rome.....But I have never had an infection I could attribute to not using a prep so I don't use them.

Yeah, I've heard it's not necessary, but it's part of the ritual for me right now. I just started taking insulin a few months ago and I'm still getting used to it, so wiping down the injection site helps me get psyched up to take the shot!

After 37 years of taking shots, I guess I just don't need to get psyched up anymore. But I respect if it is part of the ritual. When I was first diagnosed wiping down the insulin vial and site was definitely part of the ritual. Now with the pens it's probably not needed.

On a daily basis? I just wear my pump, carry a syringe and extra battery, my bg meter (with lots of cotton balls and xtra lancets), and a small baggie of cinnamon mints. I don't carry extra sets or insulin because I figure if my pump goes whacky or my set pulls out, I can always shut it off and draw up insulin from the reservoir with the syringe.

If I'm going anywhere overnight, however, I also bring a bottle of insulin and two extra sets and reservoirs. And on vacation? Heck...I need a suitcase just for my diabetic supplies.


I have a small purse and a back pack purse for my D supplies. My meter, which is tiny, is attached to my phone, the lancet/strips etc. are in the small case, I carry some raw stevia extract, my novopen junior and now my lantus if it's later in the day, I keep them wrapped in a towel in a lunch bag now with an ice pack, my record book, candy and glucose tabs, an at bar or two, one glucagon pen, some tissues, pen needles, a disinfectant spray, a mace alarm device, and some other generic things. I always wear my bracelet. When I go for walks I only carry candy, my phone a flashlight and mace etc. I plan to get a special purse to combine everything together hopefully.

I don't but I do always wash my hands somewhere for finger sticks. I will use them if there is nothing else available. A woman told me in the hospital not to use alcohol on your fingers for finger sticks and I don't use them at all for injections. I shower ever day and I figure I'm clean enough, my clothes will protect me.

Distance is my main factor. Day to day usually 2 spare sites for my pump and an extra reservoir. A Glucose meter with at least 10 strips; I usually keep Gatorade generic sports drinks on me or in the car or both. Lots of time I have to drink them hot. I throw out any open ones during summer months if I fail to bring them in and refrigerate them when I get to the office or home. I also found skittles now comes in a reusable 3oz container. This is now my candy of choice.

I keep insulin in my office fridge so that is the reason I don't carry it on me normally. When I am going to be more than an hour from home I make sure it's with me or a spare reservoir loaded. I also don't leave the house without a full reservoir if my current one is below 90 units.

I just got back from vacation on the west coast and before i arrived at my friends; I mailed a spare insulin pump; dexcom; strips; and extra pump supplies. I shipped all this stuff because I feared it getting x-rayed by the airline. I carried 2 full bottles of humalog on the plane and my regular kit with extra dexcom sensors stuff somewhere in my carry on for good measure. ;-)

In my backpack that I take everywhere I carry extra pump tubing, reservoirs, alcohol swabs, syringes, bottle of insulin, juice, granola bars, and whatever is my candy of choice at the time. Also my meter, and at least one vial of test strips.And Ketone strips, as my ketones go up alot
When I go away, half my suitcase is full of pump supplies, etc. etc. etc. You can never have to much stuff along being diabetic !
I always have some extra of everything in my carry on bag when I fly and the rest goes in my suitcase. I also always get a letter from my doctor saying what I'm carrying and why.

You guys seem to have great lists, but wouldn't you also want to include one more item - a cell phone?

an infusion set and reservoir, meter, 2 needles, insulin, and a juice box.

2 pods
alcohol swabs
Humilog vile
test strips
glucose tabs
juice box
Humilog pen & spare needles
cell phone on hip