What's in Your Emergency Kit?

We had a guest expert write a column about creating a diabetes emergency kit. You can check it out here: Be Prepared in an Emergency: It’s In the Bag

So, I have two questions:

1 - Do you have an emergency kit?
2 - Do you have anything else in the kit thats not mentioned in the article?

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Yes, affectionately known as the man purse! lol! It’s actually a camera case that seems to fit diabetes supplies perfectly!


  1. Blood Glucose Meter
  2. 1 extra bottle of test strips
  3. 2 extra AAA energizer batteries for my pump
  4. About 10 alcohol prep wipes
  5. 1 extra quickset infusion set for pump
  6. 1 extra reservoir
  7. 1 quickset inserter for infusion set
  8. 1 Humalog pen in case the pump craps out or I decide to go for a Polar Bear swim with the pump
  9. 3-4 extra pen caps to use as needed
  10. 1 vial of Humalog
  11. 1 PowerBar Gel in case of emergencies

That’s all and I replace the contents as it’s used. I also have some extra supplies in my car, at my desk and at my parents house in case of emergencies as well.


I have a big purse and carry my daughter’s supplies in an old cassette-tape holder (would fit about 10-12 cassettes):

2 juice boxes (she’s 8)
small container of glucose tabs
2 granola bars
precision xtra meter (bc it checks blood ketones) and ketone strips
glucagon (should probably check the expiration)
onetouch ping meter (talks to her pump)
test strips, lancets and lancing device
1 extra inset infusion set
1 extra cartridge
1 unisolve prep
1 alcohol prep
extra batteries for pump and meter
emergency contact info in a zip-lock bag

What I actually don’t carry is insulin. She has a vial at school and our supply at home. I only take it along if we’re going further than a 1/2 hour away from home. I also have stashes of candy in our cars.

A couple of different things:

In my pump supply kit:

  1. Spare meter
  2. One unopened bottle of insulin, plus my current bottle.
  3. 2 AAA batteries
  4. Alcohol swabs
  5. IVPrep swabs
  6. 2 bottles of test strips
  7. 2 infusion sets
  8. 2 reservoirs
  9. Spare pump (yes, my old one)
  10. Insertion device for infusion sites.
  11. 3 syringes
  12. 1 week supply of my various medicines.
  13. Bandaids

I carry my regular meter separately.

I keep jars/tubes of glucose tablets:

  1. in my car
  2. in my home – dresser, kitchen, bedside
  3. in my office
  4. at my parents’ home
  5. in my brief case
  6. in my coat pockets (the tubes)