We need somebody to help us. Our young daughter use omnipod. We are tourist from Europe and unfortunately we forget to bring enough. Now we are in Hotel in New York and we cannot buy any.Can we buy one from somebody?

Omni Pod will not help you out? Your prescriptions should still be valid. One time Medtronic FedEx me a replacement pump after I took a swim with my pump. I had it in about 24 hours.

If Omni Pod will not work with you, unfortunately you may need to default to your emergency back up plan.

Sorry to hear.

Unfortunately,omnipod US cannot give me. They ask me to contact with omnipod Europe

How long are you going to be in New York and how many pods do you currently have with you? How long have you already been in New

If you get desperate, you can buy syringes at any pharmacy in the United States. I think there are limitations on the amount you can get at one time, but you can buy some without a prescription.

Yes.But she insists for the pump.

Have them overnighted from home

or call Amazon 1 (888) 280-4331

they should be able to get them to you quickly