During my past 7 months with the Omnipod I have not received good service.
I was suppose to get a new order of pods Jan 22. It is now Apirl 2nd and Ive been having to go to my local hospital to get some spare pods

During this whole deal,
Insulet has not contact me once about why they havent shipped me any
nor have they tried to find out why they havent.
Ive called them countless of times and I still havent had any pods sent to me yet

Times like these I just wish I got a regular insulin pump.
This makes me sad and so upset I want to stop worrying about my diabetic supplies!

Sorry for calling out Insulet like this
It just frustrates me that im getting such poor customer service.
Most teenage kids have springbreak on there mind and all the fun things they are getting ready to do this weekend,
And I have when my pods are gonna get to me.
=/ Come on insulet, you said the omnipod would allow me more freedom.
It hasnt at all.

MDI sounds alot better than the Omnipod
But I dont want to go back to Lantus!
ugh =/.
not good.

SORRY FOR RAMBLING! haha I just had to get this out.

I just hope things get better

this is upsetting!

I had the same problem with Insulet when I was on the pod. Insulet dropped our insurance company, so they wouldnt ship me the pods anymore, and I was almost out…so they told me they’d send two boxes overnight so I’d have some to hold me until things were situated. Well, I have still never seen those two boxes, and it’s been over a year. (I am no longer on the pod).

I love(d) the OmniPod System, but in my opinion, Insulet has a lot of work to do when it comes to customer service/treatment.

Hey Kenny,

hate to hear that I can’t get shipments to you. Mine come like clockwork. They must be having trouble from the insurance.

You can get spare pods at your hospital?

Find out who the local sales rep is for your area for omnipod. They can be a good contact for you in times like this because they know who to talk to to get answers.

Robin I have contacted my local rep
I should be getting my pods this morning
they overnight them yesterday, thank you!

And yeah they contacted me at the hospital and gave me 8 pods =] haha I was a lucky kid
I will never go back on Lantus!