EMG and Nerve Cond.Study

I’m scheduled to have an EMG and Nerve Cond Study on the 29th of this month. Does anyone know if I need to remove my pump and CGM?

Thanks Danny for assuring me that the test is not that painful. I have to admit I am VERY nervous about it! I’m hearing some people say that it is painful and some say it’s not. So, who do I believe??? My guess is some people tolerate pain more than others. Maybe, it depends on the Neuro that does the test, maybe it depends on how severe the case is? These are all things going through my mind.

Did you have both the EMG and the Nerve Cond Study test together? Please explain to me what it felt like.

I figured if I withstood the pain from onset of the Brachial Neuritis then I should be able to withstand whatever the test brings. At lease that’s what I’m trying to convince myself! :slight_smile:

I also am scheduled April 1st for an EMG. I heard that for some it can be painful but close to a year now I have suffered in pain so much that I can't go out much without being on pain killers, I am taking 75mg 3x a day Lyrica and perks when needed everyone believes that it is nerve damage but this is all over my body including my breasts, does anyone else have this issue? I can't find any info on the net about nerve damage and feeling it all over the body including the breasts, saw one sight but it was for breast cancer. My GP just shakes his head and pumps me with drugs. I don't want to be convinced that it is nerve damage cuz If I am correct that means I will have this for the rest of my life and be under just pain management correct? also dealing with DME having eye injections every month, both eyes are affected. sigh. I am type 1 since 2000.
just wondering if any one else has this issue that can give me any idea's what I can do about it or if they have pain all over. I instructed Taoist Tai Chi for 10 years, now I can't even do the moves it is so painful.

Hi dishers, this thread is 3 yrs old. I had the EMG and nerve Cond Study and I'm happy to say that it was not painful for me. I had a damaged nerve that caused paralyis in my right arm. As time went on the nerve repaired itself and my paralysis went away. Crazy thing is one year later it happened to my left arm. I'm not sure if it's the diabetes that's causing this to happen to me but, as for now I'm all better.

I'm sorry I don't have any information about nerve pain all over your body other than maybe Fibromyalgia??? Diabetes can cause nerve damage if your bg's are running high.

Wow, it is 3 years old, thanks for replying back. I have always been on top as best i can with me bg's. my last a1c was 6.3, only time it is a roller coaster is when I am in pain then correct it, just keeps going up. well I guess I will find out something when I go to the nero

I had both studies done a month ago, and DREADED it from what I'd read. It really wasn't that bad... mostly major 'tingling'. Let us know how it goes ;)

Maybe it depends on how high the doctor orders them to run the electrical voltage? (I assume they can adjust that, based on whether they're looking for mild or moderate nerve damage.) I get random bouts of very, very intense pain for a few seconds to a minute, and then it goes away (and often comes back; there's usually some cycling, though how long that lasts is up to chance). I had an EMG done when I was 16 as part of looking for the cause of the problem, and it hurt like hell, and I have an extremely high tolerance for pain.

Another thing it could be is that if you have damage, then you don't feel it as much. Actually, that makes more sense...

My a1c's are also usually around 6.3. Don't stress out over these tests. It's not that bad.

Take care, Kat

Thanks all for your info, since I wrote this, I have had 2 EMG's, neither hurt.
one doctor said I had mild neuropathy and the other added to not cross my legs but neither of them would talk about all over pain. My doctor still believes it is that and has me on Lyrica and elavil at night. so far I am moving around a lot better.