Endo Recommendation - Tampa, FL Area

Any recommendations for an Endo experienced with Type 1, insulin pumps, and CGMs in the Tampa, FL general area? I’m willing to travel to Lakeland, St. Pete, Clearwater and surrounding areas.

We relocated to Florida last year to be close to our daughter, who is expecting our first grandchild next week… After having a great relationship with my out of state endo for 30 years, the hardest part of this move has been getting my diabetes supplies changed over and finding an Endo that I trust.

So many of the doctors here aren’t taking new patients and the Endo I’ve been seeing here in order to get my supplies and meds wasn’t even in med school yet back in the days when I first started using my first Dexcom. I need to start interviewing doctors to find one I’m comfortable with…

Maybe I was just used to my established doctors, but I did not anticipate the struggle we’ve encountered here looking for doctors with good recommendations accepting new patients. Thanks so very much for any suggestions you may have!!

I don’t know, and FL is a big place, but you are near Jaeb. I don’t think they do patient care. They are in Tampa.

Dr. Brian Lake is in Pinellas Park, Florida.
Great Dr. very knowledgeable, easy to talk too.

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