Help! Need to find a good diabetes specialist in DALLAS/FORT WORTH area

Hi there,
I just moved to the DFW area and I’m looking for a new endo - one that actually uses up-to-date methodologies, technology, and drugs (rather than just more insulin).
Anyone got a suggestion?

I’m a big fan of Endocrine Associates of Dallas. I saw Audrey Miklius for 12 years. Excellent bedside manner and up to date on the latest and greatest methods and tech.

Thank you so much!!! :smile:

Lisa, did you find an Endo you like in Dallas?

We’ll be relocating to Dallas, TX (for work) in the next month or two. I’m also looking for an Endo that’s flexible and open minded (like my current Chicago Endo).

I’d appreciate recent info from others too: great Endo or ones to avoid!

Thanks for your help,


I HATED living in Dallas (never, ever again), so I moved away.

Mel would never steer you the wrong way. I trust her advice on all things.


David Feinstein M.D., 5232 Forest Ln #170, Dallas, TX 75244, (214) 964-0888, He was wearing a G6 to try it out and he is not diabetic. He believes in trying new medicines not approved yet for T1. Is very into new technologies, and if you ask him his office will prescribe you new tech/medicines.

@Steve52 Thank you very much! I appreciate the information and will give his office a call tomorrow to chat.