Endocrinologist in Texas?

Hello folks! I’m looking for an endocrinologist here in Texas. Many of them still do virtual visits within the state, so anywhere in Texas is fine if that’s the case. Otherwise, Houston is the closest major city. I check my blood sugar frequently, and unfortunately some endos seem to get shirty about that for some reason. So, someone who’s okay with frequent testing is a must. I’d like a CGM someday, so comfort with that would be useful. So many of the local endos seem to be very Type 2 focused only, or seem to have a very old-fashioned style for managing diabetes, with limited use of CGMs, pumps, or even carb counting. I was surprised. My PCP has been prescribing my diabetes supplies since I relocated to the area, but boy do I miss my old endo in Mass. Any suggestions for decent endocrinologists are welcome!


I am pleased with Dean Blevins in College Station.

I was thinking you lived in Texas.


Yes, I do live in Texas now. I really appreciate your recommendation! Thank you

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