Endometriosis & diabetes related


i have been doing a little research on endometriosis and i was just wondering

since a few of you do have it , if there's a proven link with Diabetes?


I don’t have endometriosis … and I was checked several times for it do to having Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (and those two for many seem to go hand in hand).

Did you ever find any information about a link? I've got both, and am wondering if there is some relation.

I tried finding a link as well. Couldn't find anything though. I've had endometriosis since the summer or so. Or at least that's when it started to bother me. It wasn't "found" until november when I had my appendix out. I personally think my D is worse than my endo. I hate it..

i dont have type 1 my daughter does, but i do have endometriosis and thyroid problems. i do sometimes wonder if my problems had some kind of impact and it lead to type 1 in my daughter. also my mom and aunt also had thyroid issues