Endo's in Dallas Area

Hi, I was just wondering if anybody knew of a good endo the Dallas/Plano area??

I’ve been diabetic for 15 years and haven’t been able to find one over the last few years that’s been really good for me. I went to one in Denton a year ago and apparently he mostly treated T2 because he put me on all the wrong medications and wanted my BS to be between 120-170…what the heck??

I’m 24 and very insulin sensitive so it’s hard to find somebody that knows how to treat me. It’s almost like I’ve just been diagnosed still. And I really want to switch to a pump so I need to find somebody who’s good with that, too.

So if anybody can help me out I’d really appreciate it! And I don’t mind having to drive, just as long as it’s around Dallas somewhere!

Anna, I am so delighted with my endo in Plano/Dallas. She is a member of Endocrine Associates of Dallas and works out of offices in both Plano and Dallas. Her name is Audrey Miklius. I swear by her. She helped me get my life back under control and is helping me in pre-conception planning. She is sensitive, brilliant, and patient. She’s also a hardass when you need her to be. I was referred to her by a friend who went to the same grumpy endo that I had and was fed up. I have been with Dr. Miklius for several years now. Under her care, I have gotten my A1C below 7, tried new insulins, tried new pumps, and am working on getting a CGMS. She is awesome. Best of luck in your search.