Endos in Washngton DC: any recommendations?

just moved to DC and looking for an endo. just been to one recommended by my GP, but I just saw the dr for a few minutes, mostly spoke to the specialist Nurse, who didnt seem competent at all to me.
and i really dont want to work with people who'll waste my time, not answer questions, and criticize me without listening. (plus rip me off)
I am using an insulin pump, so trying to find a specialist who is savvy and who would work with me (not just my files)

thanks in advance

Would you travel to Northern Virginia? You might also search some of the groups, this question has been asked before, not on about DC, but Maryland and Virginia.

VA would be an option as long as it is accessible by metro (dont have a car yet and working in downtown DC). I searched through previous discussions before posting this question, there was one on DC dated 2010. I was not sure how reliable that would be for 2012. so any new suggestions/confirmations are welcome :)