Good Northern Virginia or DC-based endo?

Sorry to send out such a general post, but I’m searching for a new endo near my home in Alexandria, Va, or office in Washington DC. My doc is a great clinician but can be surly and his front-office staff is really unfriendly. It’s making it hard for me to get my meds refilled and get training for my new pump. I think I’m ready to move on. Any suggestions (greatly) appreciated.



hi Paul, I just passed this along to a friend in Alex on Twitter. My dad’s type2 and recently went to Dr. Coo (sp?) and I can’t say that it sounded like they hit it off, but then my dad is 91 yo type2

here’s best the endo in the DC region — Stephen Clement, chief of endocrinology at Georgetown University Hospital. You can take metro to dupont circle and catch a free g-town shuttle to the hospital. i can’t recommend him highly enough. he’s fantastic.

dr. david brown in rockville md. he does not take insurance
however he is great. he will spend 2+ hours with you on your first visit. the only other draw back is that because of long visit times with his pt’s a visit to his office between waiting to be seen and waiting to check out (after he sees you he will type up all things discussed during your visit and any further instruction and rx’s) the visit can take up to 3 hours

Thanks everybody. It’s interesting to see what different people think. I work at National Geographic, near Dupont, so this doc could be a good fit for me. DC Reporter–I mentioned some of the issues I’m having with my current doc. Can you elaborate on why you recommend Dr. Clement?

Thanks again!

he is a genuinely nice guy and at least in my experience, he views the doc, patient relationship as a collaboration. i should note that i’ve been diabetic for a very long time; i have no complications so my main goal every 6 months is to refresh my prescriptions. still … clement is a noted national expert on D.
potential downsides … the office is busy and sometimes it takes a couple calls to connect.
i also should add that i saw david brown briefly when my insurance changed. he is very good but i felt it was more of a top-down approach.

Hey Paul. I just saw your post. We just moved away from the area…sadly…but when we were there we used No. Va endocrinology in Fairfax. They are out of Fair Oaks hospital, but have another office…not sure where. They take all types of insurance. The Dr’s there are really good, the PA there is AWESOME, too. We saw them for a long time for my son Bodie who is 7 now, but was dx at 16 mo. My oldest son was dx last summer. He’s 21. His endo is in Fredericksburg, where he lives. There is no pediatric endo in fredericksburg that’s why we had to go up to No. VA for the little guy! Good luck!! Hope this helps!!!

just got this from Dave on Twitter
@MarieBe @tudiabetes Dr. Nahrain Al-Zubadai Endocrinologist, a Georgetown professor who has a private clinic open Wed and Sat 703-802-9600

I’ll also say when I lived in Alex, I went to an endo who also taught at Georgetown, DrBall, and he really turned my diabetes around in a really good way.

I saw Peter Ross at the NV Endo practice ( and while I personally did not like him, he appeared to be quite competent and is well thought of. There are a number of endos in the practice and they also have an office near fairfax hospital which is closer to fairfax.

I wish I new someone in Alex or DC. Just in case, I have the best in Reston. Dr Michael Horwath. If your interested, let me know and I will be more than happy to give you my un-bias opinion. A good endo is hard to find. Good Luck.

Hey everybody! Thanks for your responses–I hope this’ll be helpful in the future for people checking out endos in the DC and Northern Virginia areas. One question: How are you getting along with the front-office staffs for your endos? I’m finding mine to be pretty rude and it’s actually a little stressful for me. I’m trying to get set up with a general practitioner who I can count on for hang-ups with the mail-order pharmacy/insurance, or emergency situations. How are you getting along with your front office?

Mine has been great. The front office responds quickly and the doctor will actually call me within an hour. Dr Horwath has a huge client base, but I always get a great and speedy response. Check him out in the Washington magazine. He was rated as one of the best…and I personally know why. I believe that he and his staff, really do care.

A follow-up question: Can you recommend a good place for pump training in DC or nearby? I’m looking at Innova in Fairfax, the diabetes center there. But I wouldn’t mind hearing about good experiences closer to DC or Alexandria. Thanks again, everybody!