Enlite duration

I see a few comments on life of the new enlite sensor, but am not sure how long I should hope for use. The prior Medtronic GCM sensors, as everyone knows, could be used up to about 18 days with good accuracy. I have the new 530g with the enlite sensor. I would be interested in how long they can be reset by simply using the "new sensor" start, reusing the glucose sensor. The instructions say they are good for 6 days. I have used the same sensor now for up to 10 days, though the accuracy seems to suffer after day 9. Perhaps it is just this sensor or I'm doing something wrong. Any other experiences fro Enlite users? I know this is new, but any input for others would help in determining life expectancy. And do you simply loose readings when they go out, or are you simply experiencing loss of accuracy as was the case with the old sensors until they gave up the ghost.