How long do your G5 sensors last?

I’ve recently started the Dexcom G5 system. I’m on day 26 now on the first sensor! Do others have this excellent result? It is still very accurate :blush:

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It seems as though some people do and others don’t. I am currently on Day 25 of my current sensor. I usually average just short of 3 weeks. Anytime after 2 weeks, I’ll change a sensor out if I get multiple ???. Other times it might be that I am going on a trip and want to start a new sensor a day or two ahead to ensure that I have a good sensor while traveling.

I have always had good insurance coverage for sensors. My main argument for extending their life is that I usually get bad results for the first day. So if I change sensors every 7 days, it means that 1 our of 7 days is bad. If I change them every 3 weeks, it means that only 1 out of 21 days is bad.

I wear my sensors on the back of my upper arms. On my abdomen they do not last as long and I get poorer accuracy. I also have adhesive rashes on my belly but not on my arms,

I also wear mine on my upper arm, towards the back. I’ve used the Enlite, and that’s where they worked the best, although they didn’t work AT ALL as good as the Dexcom. I would never bolus or eat sweets based on the Enlite readings. The Dexcom G5 are amazing sensors! I would never go back to Enlite unless there was good evidence (by experienced users) that they had improved. Maybe not even then :slight_smile:

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I get around two weeks. Beyond that, my Op-Site gets ratty and it’s not worth putting new tape over a sensor that will soon be dead.

I average around 12 days. Then numbers get sketchy and I replace the sensor.

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I’m using the G4 and pay for CGM completely out of pocket. It used to be that I only got two to three weeks out of a sensor. But since going low-carb and getting much more table blood sugars sensors have been lasting a month. My current sensor is on day 32 and tonight I’ve had the first ???s of this sensor run. Hoping they disappear and the sensor comes back. It’s been quite accurate up until now. I don’t tend to give up on a sensor until I’ve restarted it about three times without success.

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I dependably get 10-12 days on a sensor. I seldom get more than that.

I think the sensors are the same as g4. I change mine every seven days now because somehow I ended up with a lot of expired ones when I left them on for 30 days. They don’t seem to be lasting as long but I’m not restarting any of them. I tend to get very itchy and get inflammation at the site so it’s better for me to change it every week anyway.

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My sensors usually start picking up extra noise, “wobble” and ??? data dropouts along about day 10 or 12. I often run to 14 days but my current sensor is surprising me at day 18 and still going strong.

So I have used. Medtronic pump for 12 years and their Enlite CGM for about 2 years. I love the pump but have so many issues with the sensors.

Convince me to go with a different CGM!

I usually get at least 14 days, probably average 15-18. Sometimes I wait out the ??? if it had been tracking well. I rotate between arms and thighs, with better results on arms.

I use G4 receiver, uses same sensors as G5.

I used Medtronic Sof-sensor when it first came out. Switched to dexcom before the enlites, and now the guardian 3 are used with medtronic 670. I have heard the guardians are much improved.

My experience was that dexcom was much more accurate than Sof-sensor, but I also started lower carb when switching to dexcom. I learned about both dexcom and reduced carbs when I found TuDiabetes.

I can’t believe the accuracy of the Dexcom G5! I’ve had a MM pump for 20 years now, and used Enlite sensors for a few years. I’m very glad I switched CGMs, and I bet you would love the accuracy, too!

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Oh, I had the Sof-sensor also, before the Enlite, but that thing was wicked!


I also have MM pump for 20 years, currently using 523 with dexcom G4. Started with dexcom seven, and now get even better results with G4/G5 sensors.

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I win! My G5’s have the shortest life of anyone here. 9 days is the longest they have lasted. :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face:

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Leslie, the accuracy of the G5 over Enlites is about an order of magnitude better. MM had to replace more than 20 of my Enlites because of their failures to work. I wasted a lot of time on the phone with MM tech support and had many days and hours w/o CGM readings due to the inferior technology of the Enlite sensors. The G5 readings very often match my meter to within less than 6 points, and many times are off by zero to one point. Additionally, when the readings don’t match within that range, it’s because my bg is moving, so if I check the CGM reading 15-20 minutes later, it will correlate very closely with the meter reading taken earlier. Amazing how much better the G5 is! I only get (so far) 9 excellent days out of the G5, but I’m hoping the current sensor will give me longer life. Not that it’s a big deal, as I get all the G5 stuff for free, thanks to Medicare coverage.

Hey Dave,
I can’t thank you enough for your response. I had no idea that Medicare is
covering CGMs. So congratulotions! I live in a small town so Medtronic has
monopolized the industry here. Service is great, but like you, I’ve
replaced at least a dozen sensors. I use different tapes and adhering
solutions. But it is always hit or miss. They were great for about the
first year, but for the last year it has been a major pain in the as.what I
like is the connection with the pump. That is really the benefit. And I
like the arrows…knowing when my BS is trending up or down. And for year,
I used those OneTouch meters that recorded BSs on the pump. Then J and J
bought Animas and Medtronic switched to Bayer. Now J and J let go of Animas
and they are going with Medtronic. What the hell? I don’t think any
insurance company covers Bayer strips…even though I actually loved and
used a Bayer meter for years…until I switched to J and J because the
strips correlated with the Medtronic pump.

Are you familiar with Bigfoot? Just curious. Seems like this start up is
forming a relationship with the G5. So, I would read my sensor numbers
through a separate device, yes? Argh! Seems like such a pain but I suppose
I need to convert.

I have United Health Care through AT&T. I hit my $3000 deductible months
ago so am now stocking up on supplies. I believe they’re going to switch to
BCBS. Not that my coverage will be any cheaper but maybe some flexibility.

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I’m on day 26 with mine and my readings are very accurate. This is the longest I’ve ever had a sensor last and hoping to get another 7-10 days out of it.

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Any thoughts on what might have caused the difference or does it seem to be more random luck?

My son uses the back of his upper arm and they last over 2 weeks for the most part. We usually start getting question mark errors before the end of week 3. The tape used to peel after a couple of days but we discovered the skintac miracle. He’s ripped them off at wrestling practice a lot. The sticker stays in place but the sensor detaches from the sticker. We use grifgrips now for extreme activity. We are lucky to get them to last a week on his belly. It annoys him there and he picks at it. No other sites read correctly on him.

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