530G with Enlite sensor - not getting 6 days life, again

So I JUST ran out of my previous sensors (the sofsensors) and was getting excellent accuracy with them on the 530, but simply wanted to burn through my old supply before starting on the enlites.

My test sensor (the one free with the 530) only lasted for 5 days, and my first official fresh from the box enlite has again crapped out on day 5.

This is what I was afraid of with the smaller area of the testing surface that is below the skin (more comfy to insert, but I wonder if this is going to be a shorter lasting product).

Does anyone have any advice or experience? Am I able to call Medtronic on this and ask for replacements that don't last 6 days?
Does anyone have any experience with how to go about this. I'm on day 5 and I really don't want to wait until the morning without putting in a new sensor before calling, just to justify to them that it died while 5 days 3 hours in.

This also raises the question that I was fearing...If this short time frame of use continues, will I be allowed to purchase more sofsensors instead of inferior and more expensive enlites when I now own the 530, and not a revel?

I get 9 days minimum from sofsensors, and usually considerably more.
So far, these enlites cost twice as much for half the usage time. :(

Oh also to note...The accuracy of these, so far has been worse than the sofsensors. It started veering from real BG results on day 4. I imagine the result of the isig falling while I was in actual fact higher than stated.
So disappointing...

Yep. Happens sadly, just call them, they'll ask you a few questions pretty much when you inserted it etc. then send you out a replacement one. Not had one go on day five though, although they are usually fine about swapping them on day three or four when I've had to get them replaced.

No idea about sofsensors on the 530 sorry.

Accuracy wise I find pretty useless to be honest. Never trusted them for readings and only use them as a blood glucose directional indicator and nothing else. Occasionally they get the same or close readings to a blood test, but I have at times had massive differences when exercising (CGM saying 220 and bloods coming in at 75, and before someone whines about collaboration issues both levelled together a couple hours after that and we're pretty close for a few hours). Frankly though as a thing to monitor where my BG is, I won't trust them at all, although I have heard others on here who utterly love them *shrug*.

My sensors typically last 2-3 days. And the values I'm getting? They vary dramatically. On the rare occasion that the sensor last for 6 days the numbers I get are worthless. The times they only last 2 days? They are good. I'm not impressed.