Enlite Sensor/Night-Time False Alarms

Morning Everyone,

So I have been having an issue with my Enlite sensor, that I thought I would bring up to Medtronic this morning. Their response, "everyone has that same problem, sorry". Not exactly what I want to hear.

Essentially my sensor readings show I am somewhere in the low 70s to even as low as 50. My "predictive lows" and threshold suspend alarms have me checking my BG every time I they go off. 9 times out of ten, my sugar is above 100.

What Medtronic told me is that the fluid that the sensor polls doesn't move around at night when you sleep, so the sensor thinks that since no fluid is moving, your blood sugar must be dropping.

They told me if you just "roll over" or move, the sensor should correct itself. I actually found if I do my bedtime calibration knowing my BG is just slightly higher than my sensor reading, it tends to help.

I am just wondering if anyone else has had this experience, and if you have found ways to correct it, work around it, or just suck it up.


I set my threshold alarm at 60 and really have only had two issues with it. Turning over odes help. I guess i am used to the older sofsensor which woudl alarm every night so I am fairly comfortable with the new enlite sensor's performance.

I have thought about adjusting my threshold alarm lower. Do you use any of the predictive low settings or no?

I would assume that sleeping on the side of the sensor is the culprit. I have seen these effects with the navigator too.