Enough is Enough

I must admit that I have truly been surprised by some of the comments I have been reading lately on TuDiabetes. I don’t remember seeing such hateful, unfounded comments as the ones recently posted here. I know that there is a discussion entitled “Combating Ignorant Comments.” What do you think these comments have been? IMHO, pure, out and out ignorant. I chose not to become involved in the free-for-all. But I can no longer hold my tongue. Kudos to Manny and to the Admin Team for this wonderful site. Did any of you out there ever wonder what it would be like if Manny woke up some morning and just said, “That’s it! I have had it!”, and closed this site down? What a loss we would all suffer. We all have a health issue whether it be T1, T1.5, or T2 that causes many things in our life to change. Some changes for the better, others not so much so. But ask yourself this – how many of us were truly living a healthy lifestyle before our diagnosis? Oh, I know that there are many who were but I’ll bet that most of us weren’t. But you know what, my eating and health style habits are better since my diagnosis than they have ever been. It always amazes me when I read discussions bemoaning the fact that taking care of D is so all time consuming. Yet it sure seems like some people still find time to degrade others about what type of D they have. Do you realize how much energy that all takes? Does it make you feel better to lash out at others and cause them pain? God Almighty, I hope not! My brother-in-law is a T2. You know where his T2 came from? Exposure to Agent Orange in Viet Nam! I really had to bite my tongue when the comment about T2s (which I will not repeat) was made. And I just dare someone to say that if he had opposed the Viet Nam war he wouldn’t be diabetic. If we all, myself included, reached out to each other with the same energy and devotion that is spent in this senseless manner what a better person we would be. We are in a unique position, we can be warm, compassionate and caring. That is what sets us apart! How can we expect to educate the non-Ds when we can’t seem to figure it all out amongst ourselves? Thanks for listening to my ranting. Oh, by-the-way, I’m a T1(T1.5).

Thank You. My thoughts exactly! I’m a Type 1 who keeps hearing ppl say very HURTFUL things about Type 1’s. I know that there are Type’s 2 out there that think all us Type 1’s and 1.5 are igornet but come on now! I’ve got all 3 Types in my family and we have all learned how to get along here. I don’t take nothing away from Type 2 but PLEASE!!! Let’s just learn from eachother and be thankful that Manny put up this site for all of us to help eachother out! I LOVE IT HERE AND REALLY WANT THIS BICKERING OVER TYPE 1 AND TYPE 1.5 AND TYPE 2 TO STOP NOW!!

I have to say that I’ve learned a lot from both type 1s AND type 2s on this site. As a newbie to this, I’m glad that either “type” can respond to many of the questions I’ve had so far. So, this means we share something, right? And, when someone is suffering, doesn’t it make you feel good to help out in whatever way you can, even if it’s just listening and sending good vibes their way? Even if you can’t relate to the specific issue, at that moment it’s not your place to compare your suffering with theirs, it’s your place to console and offer support, and if appropriate, tips.

That’s, in my opinion, the “gold” of this site. For the record, I’m type 1. Whatever.

A long time ago, I was told “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” I think it very much applies to the hierarchy some here seem to perceive among the types of diabetes. Thank goodness for both the wonderful type 1’s, 1.5’s, 2’s and even 3’s that don’t get caught up in this nonsense and share information and inspiration!


Thank you, This is what TuDiabetes is about. Please keep the spirit up!

I look at diabetes as just that. Whether you are type 1, type 2, green, pink, or blue, it is a medical condition. We are all the same…sharing a common problem, with a common goal to take care of our disease the best we can.

Thank you, Sareln!

I’ve learned much here from my T1, T2, T3 & LADA sisters & brothers. I’m T1 on MDI & follow pump discussions to learn from them how to manage injections more effectively. There’s always something new to be learned & shared.

It’s painful to see this type of combativeness. Heated discussions & diverse views are learning experiences. Being negative, name calling & personal assaults serve no purpose here or anywhere.

Better said than I could say it Gerri! I think it’s time we all understand that we’re not alone in the fight against the D! For many years I felt soooooo alone in this fight but now thanks to Manny & Company I see I’m not! This site is the best thing that happened to me since sliced bread. (Or in diabetic terms suger free anything!) Here we trade tips and share our troubles when noone else seems to understand where we’re coming from!

I’ll admit - before I came here I was ignorant and rude (not that I’m proud of it in any way) about T2’s but being here has made me realise what a mistake I was making thinking in that way.
This site made me realise, as others here have put it, that it’s a condition that sucks for both type 1’s and type 2’s and although they are treated in different ways - diabetes is crud for anyone who has it 1, 1.5 or 2!
I’m glad that this site is here because it opened my eyes to the narrow way in which I was thinking and let’s hope it does the same for others here! :slight_smile:

I’ll sign on here too. You are so correct. We can disagree without being disagreeably mean spirited and judgemental.

Thank you! I agree - I don’t like the nastiness and I don’t understand why. I come here to learn and hopefully help others.

+1 for this. I question almost everything Im told, which includes what people post here. I do my best to make sure its a discussion with openness as opposed to a personal bashing argument. Were all just to different to not be open of others lifestyles and decisions.

Clearly there has been too much “baiting”, and I shudder every time I see it happening. It’s like watching a deliberate trainwreck, which we do not need. TuDiabetes has become important to me, as it is to countless others. Let’s all help to keep it functioning at its best.

I don’t think it’s fair to ask if a type 1 diagnosed at age 5 was healthy before diagnosis really?

I guess I’ve been lucky, I haven’t seen these comments until someone says something about it, then I go looking. We all live with diabetes, no matter if it is 1 or 2. Diabetes sucks no matter what. We should all be supportive of each other.

I don’t think anyone was asking that, Jacq, especially in that context. I was dx’d at age 7, I was healthy enough, but did have scarlet fever about a year or so before dx.

What my “triggering” event? I don’t know, may never know and lord knows it could be different for every one of us.

I get you about the all caps thing. My mom has macular degeneration and types that way so she cans see better. Sometimes people should think of the reason behind it before insisting on their way of dialoging via the internet. It’s not that big a deal really.

My 86 yo brother emails in all caps due to his vision. Not that he is on this site (!) but just noting that you have a good point about the caps issue. One of the problems with email is that we can not see the body language or hear the tone of voice. If we could, I think that 90% of the so-called offensive posts would not be judged as negative. Context is critical and we have little of it on email. Frankly, though, I really don’t like an email scattered with LOLs and other shorthand thingies showing good nature (my hangup). But I don’t have a solution! Perhaps just give folks the benefit of the doubt until a couple more exchanges. Those of us who talk ‘straight’ have a hard time showing we are just speaking from our perspective and not trying to upset anyone. Not saying there are not offensive posts–there are–but maybe not as many as some think. Oh, and I have not read the posts being discussed here but now I gotta look them up!!

Whats funny, is I dont even notice the type. Im mean, honestly, does what type of D you have dictate what you know or how supportive you are? I dont think so. The only practicle use of the knowledge of T1/T2 is in relation to your experience.

Although most members here are caring and compassionate, like in the rest of the world there are rude people. I hadn’t read the posts you have but if I did I wouldn’t let it keep me away. I like sharing and reading about other experiences. In my life outside of Tu I advocate for people with D and encourage others to learn all they can about this disease, whether they are T1 or T2.