Enough to set me off

on a sugar binge??

The day began wonderfully: remembered to take grab my lunch on the way out the door, great music on the radio on the drive to work, Cinnamon Mocha coffee from a great coffee shop where the barista knows just what I want ... even on time for work after making a second trip into the coffee shop to buy a snowman teapot/cup (on 50%) and drop off change for the baristas' tip I forgot to take in the first time.

. . . racing ahead to the 'last straw' . . .

Yesterday my supervisor returned some work to me. I was pleased to find only two errors. Finally, I thought, I am "getting" it. Of course, I've thought that before, too. Today, just before quitting time, she returned another cart of books -- way too many errors! Right out loud I said, "Oh, my god!" when I saw all the turned down items (books for which I have correctly edited the bibliographic record are left standing, those with errors are turned on their spine).

I was/am crushed. At 4pm, I opened the cabinet to get my purse and go home... I saw the bag of Hershey's Chocolate Truffle kisses...

I did not give in, but, damn, I was so frustrated I almost grabbed a handful on my way out the door.

I'm home. I've eaten a good supper. And it is Friday. I don't have to look at a MARC21 record for two whole days. But here I am again, wondering what to do about work, just when I though I could stay put til my sons graduate, do a good job, and at least be content, if not happy.

S orry you had such a rotten day!At least you got a snowman cup on sale! I hope you have a good weekend, minus chocolate, and a better Monday. Best wishes.