ENOUGH with the diabetes! ;)

So im just wondering what everybodies got in their ipod!?? Right now im anxious about the new Greenday album coming!! So whats ur favorite song? I like ‘Midnight Train To Memphis’ Old Kid Rock song…

Jack Johnson can’t go wrong.

I have Bad Religion’s seminal album, Suffer, on heavy rotation right now. I also am working in Jolie Holland’s Springtime Can Kill You, Greg Graffin’s Cold as the Clay, and The Weakerthan’s Left and Leaving.

LOVE him! I had his whole catalog and a bunch of live stuff on my mp3 player on my last vacation…imagine a nice Jamaican beach and jack strumming along, it was awesome!

right now I am listening to audio books attempting to study for my licensure test :frowning: When I can put tunes back on I will listen to the re-release of Paul’s Boutique by the Beastie boys…

That does sound pretty awesome, technology is gettin pretty rediculous isnt it?! Im not sure what kinda books your into but i recommend Khalid Huesseini or somethin like that lol, he wrote ‘The Kite Runner’ and a few others.

and i say if i could see anybody in concert id probably pick the Chili Peppers if they ever decide to go on tour, but i did see Staind in their ‘‘glory days’’ which was awesome…

Lots of odd stuff – Meat Loaf, Harry Chapin, Cannonball Adderly, Satchmo, Ella Fitzgerald, Oscar Peterson, Eagles, Les Miz, My Fair Lady, Billy Joel (from the 1970s, not the new stuff).

Favorite songs: Scenes from an Italian Restaurant, Ella’s The Lady is a Tramp and Mac the Knife (Live from Berlin)…

Besides Audiobooks (American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House and “Dance, Dance, Dance” by Haruki Murakami) I listen to podcasts of This American Life and Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.

But what’s REALLY cool is the new Genius feature in iTunes which creates a new playlist for you around a song of your choice. I sync that to my iPod and rock out or tune out - whichever. Latest Genius playlist was built around the Kink’s “Well Respected Man” and it’s a gem.


8s music rocks!

i have a million favorites, but right now im all about this one song by Kanye West - Love Lockdown.

uhhhh… what’s an ipod?

haha, kinda like a tape player but without the tape lol

serious about what? what did I do now?

oh, my 8track!

somewhere I think…

Can’t pick a favorite song, but you can never go wrong with anything by Kings of Leon or Third Eye Blind