Entering BG records without bolusing?

I have the Omnipod but don’t use the freestyle gluco (not available in Colombia) I use an Optium Xceed. Is it possible to enter BG values without having to bolus ? (i.e. 2 hours postprandial, at bedtime, etc) I’ve been trying but can’t figure it out, that would be awesome, this way I could keep a record of my BG and everything else in the same place. Anyone ?

Thanks a lot.


Turn it on. Go to the “home” screen. --> More actions --> Add BG readings. Enter the amount and hit “save”.

I only use that method sometimes. I typically just go the “home” screen --> Bolus --> enter the amount, and assuming I’m in target range, it will suggest 0.0 units, which I “confirm”.
I think my logs probably look odd in the co-pilot system b/c of this, but after you understand what you’re looking at, I don’t think it’s really confusing (I just make sure my endo understands when he’s reviewing my chart).

Hey Santigo…Just like Bradford said you can manually enter your BG which is what I did when I had a bunch of free-style lite strips left when I started on the pod. Also you have the option to enter your BG when or if you are going to eat. If you do what Bradford refers to at the bolus screen you can enter your bg it help you save a step if you plan on doing a bolus. If you plan on using Co-pilot then it is good to put your bg’s in your pdm as you can download all of the info and run different reports that help show trends for the day, your SD and it was really helpful in setting up my basal program and I/C ratios when I first started on the pod.

Thanks a lot guys, I’m using the bolus option to enter my BG as Bradford said. I was wandering though. I couldn’t enter them the other way.

"Turn it on. Go to the “home” screen. --> More actions --> Add BG readings. Enter the amount and hit “save”.

I don’t have that option on my PDM “home” menu. I only get:

Temp Basal
My Records

I guess the new PDM model has that option ?

One more question, sometimes when I exercise I suspend the insulin delivery, but it doesn’t start again automatically, there’s an alarm asking if I want to start the delivery again, is it possible to do this automatically ? If I go to temp basal and reduce it all the way to “off” is it the same as suspending it it ? Cause if I do it that way then it does start again automatically. Just wandering …

Gracias !

Do you have a 1st generation PDM? Does yours look like the picture on the main Omnipod user page? Is your screen a color screen or a black and white (so to speak) screen?

The new (2nd gen. PDM, pictured on the main Omnipod page) has the option of just “entering a BG” w/o using the bolus calculation portion, but I don’t think that the older PDM had that capability.

And regarding your alarm for insulin suspension: Rather than “suspending” for x amount of time, try doing a “temp basal” at 0% for x amount of time. The temp basal will not have an alarm at the end and will just resume w/o any issue. I think the way you are doing it now, it still resumes like normal but still has that alarm that you just have to acknowledge.

Thanks Schumtz, did you started on the first gen PDM, that’s the one I have ? In my case I did enter the BG reading as Bradford suggested, 2 hours after eating (or anytime) I just hit bolus and if the numbers where in range it suggested 0 units and that no bolus would be delivered. Then I hit confirm.

But later when I searched through “My records” the only times when my BG was shown where when I did bolus an amount of insulin. It seems like it didn’t registered the data I entered when the bolus was 0.

Any thoughts ?

Hey Santiago…I think I have the 2nd Gen unit. My screen is in color and I got it almost exactly 1 year ago. I just tried it works and shows in my BG History. I used the following steps: Main screen go to Bolus, manually enter your bg if you’ve taken it with another meter, the next question will be if you want to use bolus calcs?, hit yes , then you be asked if you are going to eat,hit no if you not eating or if you are enter the carbs, depending on your answer you should get a screen showing your suggested bolus, next line will show your Bg, then you have an option to either back up or enter. If you enter it it will then ask to confirm and if there is no bolus it will show 0.00 and state no bolus, confirm and it will save in your records and when you go back into “My Records” under “BG History” it will show with a “?” to the right and if you hit event it will show it was a manually entered BG. So that how it works on mine, which I think is a 2nd gen unit. Good luck…if you have any other questions I’ll try to help.