Error Codes

Does anyone have info. on the error codes? I've been running great for 8 months and today I had 2 pods error right after they finished priming and before I put them on and then tonight I just had the other one go into a steady alarm but with a different code.

First 2 had error code Ref: 19-000-0000-00093

Last one had a error code Ref: 19-081-0000-00081

I did ask the service person when I called this morning, but he said he did not know and that the engineers use the codes. At least Insulet is replacing both of my pods from this morning which is good news but wondering if they'll do anything on this last one as I had it on for about 12 hrs. I would just like to know what the codes stand for.

Twice last week, we had the error code: 19 - bunch of zeroes - 64. When I read it to the customer service rep, he said the 19 means it is a problem with the pod, and he told me the same thing, that only the engineers know what the other numbers stand for. But, since it was indeed a pod problem, that they would replace to 2 failed pods, which they did. I called 2 days ago, and today they arrived via FedEx. I have to say, their service is very good. I just wish they would help us replace the insulin that is stuck in the failed pods... Ah well, can't have everything, can we.

I doubt they will do anything about the pod that fell off. We had one fall off a half hour after we put it on, and they said that since it was not a pod error, they could not replace it. But, I am stumped because I put it on just like every other pod. It's a mystery... And I, too, would LOVE to know what these error codes mean.

Last month I had 10 pods give a pod error. Insulet replaced all of them. All but two of mine died while primming. I think Insulet has some bad pods out there. Once you get through the bad ones and get new ones you should be alright. All of my bad ones were in the same sequence of batch numbers.

Tonya...if you haven't you can suck the insulin back out of a pod. Since the 2 that I had got an error right after they finished priming.. I did pull it back out,you just use the syringe and reverse when you put it in. Did not waste that much and can get most of it out but lose a little. I'm not sure I would recommend this if the pod has been on for awhile but if it is a new pod I have seen others comment on this and it worked for me.

Wow, no kidding! That is great info - Thanks! As always, we hope NOT to have a failed pod, but if it happens again, I will try this. The thought of 100 units of unused insulin, just sitting in there, made me feel ill. Especially after paying $115 for a bottle of Novolog at the pharmacy yesterday. What an expensive disease...

Thanks again for telling me this. I just figured that once it was inside, there was no getting it out. :)