Pod failures, and changed pattern of errors

Back when the new pods first came out, there was a good 1-2 years of problems that gradually got worked out, and the reliability got better. For me, it got a lot better.

However, I have noticed that when I have a failure, it's ALWAYS a occlusion error -- I haven't had "pod error" failure since I started with the pods that have the new syringe.

The thing is, several of those "occlusions" very likely weren't. I won't go into all the reasons, but I'm just short of absolutely certain that at least two of them weren't really occlusions.

Anyone else notice this?

I only had a couple occlusion on the older pods. Haven't had one on the new pods. Check with Insulet though, they might replace the bad pods for you.

The only error I’ve ever had is occlusion errors as well. I just started it in April though, so I can’t compare to the old batches I guess.

yes I agree, Jacob tends to get afew what I consider partial occlusions when he doesn't get an alarm but shows rising crazy blood sugar trends for no reason, he has had more of these lately and he has been good about rotating sites.... always something at least no screamers for him at school!

Are you guys saying that Insulet will not replace the pods if it’s an occlusion? I have a box full of pods that malfunctioned in one way or another. They keep me on on the phone for so long for each pod that I’ve put off calling them. Thanks

No, they will not replace occlusions. Only "pod error".

Although they will not replace a Pod that had an occlusion, they will replace Pods that fail to prime, that do not deploy the cannula, or that come up with a "Pod error." I have had at least two Pods in the last year that failed to prime. I did not get any error messages with them, but they certainly did not work. Insulet replaced them both.

I rarely have a bad Pod or one that occludes, but when I do I call Insulet within 24 hours. They record my information, and they have always sent the replacement Pods with my next order. I never wait because I would never remember what Pod failed in what way. I also hate clutter, so why should I store useless Pods? I call and then throw them out unless Insulet requests that I send them back.

Dave - Hi there. I am glad I am not the only one out there experiencing this "change of pattern of errors"

As you said, the old Pod had its up's and down's but I got use to them & the way to deal with them in seconds (The freezer trick normally !!) But the new ones have got me vexed - Nothing consistent with the errors until recently.

I am currently working through a batch that do not insert fully on starting up. The PDM shows not error but you know the sound isnt quite right. Then, anywhere between 2 mins and ten, it jabs you again!!! Its a bit of a shock to say the least.

I would be interested to hear if you think that you are getting the correct basal as well.


I've had a couple of pods over the past 2-3 months that 'double shoot'. It seems that the initial deployment of the cannula does not pierce the skin and then anywhere from a few seconds to 5+ minutes later, I hear a second click which I assume is the cannula finally piercing the skin. Even though I've had these double clicks, I haven't yet experienced a pod failure with one of those.


Insulet recently changed the thresholds in the pod software to detect "anomalies".
That could explain the less pod errors you get.
Insulet said it found out many pod errors where too "early warnings" for things which would not come out as problems.

I recently spoke with Omnipod Customer Service I had 15 pod failures over the last 6 months all but 2 of them were not occlusions. Of the Occlusion they covered one and rejected one. Most of them failed while priming. I had one that failed in a spectacular way that I have never seen before. It went through the prime phase, I put it on and pressed start and it immediately failed and self de-activated. I of course took it off installed another pod while I was doing that (about 5 minutes) it started. They are replacing the failed pods. Something that I have been doing and recommend highly is when a pod fails I immediatly after removal write on the top of it with a felt pen - When it fails and what happened and any details. I have Two bags that I keep One for normal Pods One for failed Pods.I made up an Excel spreadsheet documenting everything including - Date failed,lot number,serial number, code number, and a description of the problem. It makes it so much easier that it is really worth doing. I am like a type 1 diabetic except my Pancreas was removed in surgery so my life depends on keeping track of these things.


Like you, I also created an Excel file to keep track of the info for pod failures. I record the date I notified Insulet of the failure (I usually wait until I've had a few failures before calling and this allows me to keep tabs on which ones I have not yet reported). As soon as I can after a pod fails, I record the following info in my Excel file so I can subsequently report it:
o Failure date and time
o Number of hours worn before the failure occurred
o If failure occurred during a bolus, the bolus amount
o Reference number (recorded in the PDM under the alerts)
o Lot number (in tiny print on the pod)
o Pod number (also in tiny print on the pod)
o Location on the body where pod was worn
o Any other pertinent details that might be of use (e.g., double-clicked when pod was first put on, tiny drop of insulin oozed out of cannula when pod was taken off, unexplained blood sugar rise which could indicate basal failure too, etc.)

I had an average of 1 failure every month for the first 5 months of use. In the past 4 months, however, I haven't had another. For this reason, I think the bad pods might be lot-oriented so if yours come from a 'bad' lot, you may experience multiple failures. I get my supplies via 90-day purchases, so I may just be using pods now from a 'good' lot.


Good advice and thanks for responding. I think your recording is better then mine as you include several things that I think I will add like hours worn and location.