Error reading on pump?

I use the MM pump and I just recieved a MOTOR ERROR and a NO DELIVERY alarm. Is this something I need to call MM about??? I read in my booklet that comes with the pump but, all it says is to change out the set for the no delivery alarm. And, for the Motor Error it says insulin delivery has stopped. This alarm occurs if your pump detects a motor error. It doesn’t say if I need to call the help line for assistance. Should I be worried about the motor going out on me during the night hrs???

Ummm I would call just to be on the safe side side our pumps are our life lines. I personally have not had this error. Worst case is the replace yours only it takes a day to get it to you so you might be busy taking shots till then.

Thanks you guys, I’ll give them a call right now. I’m not sure how much insulin was delivered either. I went to the history screen ans it shows that I got the full delivery but, I know I didn’t because the no delivery alarm went off a few seconds after I pressed the button.

Well the best way to deal with that is to test more often to see what your numbers are running and go from there good luck my friend we all hate when technology fails us.

Keep a close tabs on your BG and make corrections with a syringe as needed! If you can’t use the pump overnight, see if you can get some long-acting basal insulin (if you don’t already have some). If your pump isn’t working, you aren’t getting that basal insulin either and you could quickly get into bad territory!

MM should be able to overnight you a new pump–they’ve done that for me a few times. Good luck!

I just got off the phone with MM. We went through some tests over the phone and my pump SEEMS to be ok. Still not real sure on how much insulin was delivered though. We went to the history screen and it says I only got .01 which we thought was strange because the alarm shouldn’t have gone off for that little amount.

My bg was at 91 when I bolused for supper. I suppose I had some delivery because I was going low while talking to the tech. Thanks to my husband for bringing me some yummy glucose tabs! LOL The Tech said I’ll have to test often for a few hrs to be sure I’m not going high. He also said if I get another MOTOR ERROR I should call MM because they don’t want that error to occur more than twice a month.

My Endo is so awesome…He said if I have any problems with my pump he would give me a loner while waiting for my pump from MM.