Not getting delivery of insulin

I am not receiving a “no delivery” alarm, but I know that I’m not receiving any insulin, because my readings are way too high.

The reading before bedtime was 6.5 and the next morning it was 16.5. I haven’t eaten or drank anyhting during the course of the night.

I tried troubleshooting and no insulin came out of the needle at the quick-disconnect.

What should I do?

QUICK! Change your set! You can also give yourself a correction with a shot in the mean time.

Thanks for the response. I’ve been changing the infusion set everyday for the past three days. Any other suggestions?

Take insulin by a shot.

Were you receiving insulin when you changed the sites? I would change the reservoir, insulin and all parts then see if you receive insulin on the needle before connecting when you fill the tubing. If you don't see any insulin coming then call the pump help line and they will go through the steps with you.

What pump do you have? I find the no delivery alarm hardly ever finds a problem.

BE SURE and take insulin in the meantime! Good luck. Let me know how it goes.