Pump not delivering, not getting a "no delivery" message

I am not receiving a “no delivery” alarm, but I know that I’m not receiving any insulin, because my readings are way too high.

The reading before bedtime was 6.5 and the next morning it was 16.5. I haven’t eaten or drank anyhting during the course of the night.

I tried troubleshooting and no insulin came out of the needle at the quick-disconnect.

This has been happening for a number of days. What should I do? This is a MINIMED pump.

Have you changed your set/tubing/reservoir? make sure to correct with a syringe to get down. try to find out which part is the problem (the set/tubing/reservoir/or the pump itself) if the pump is the problem, i would contact medtronic immediately to send you a new one.

I was receiving the same message. First, I switched out the tubing which did not fix the problem. Then i switched out the whole quick-set.that seemed to fix the problem.

Many possibilities here. One is that you have a bad vial of insulin. If nothing else works, try a fresh one. It DOES happen.

Thank you to everyone for the responses. I took a manual injection and changed the entire imfusion set. I think the vial was faulty. My sugar is back to normal

Ditto all of the other replies. When you trouble shooted and saw no delivery from the set did you pull the reservoir out and do a manual prime? If you are not seeing insulin coming from the infusion set after and have determined there is in fact no delivery then you should call MM and get a new pump on the way. Also, do a correction with a syringe and a new bottle of insulin.

I’m okay now. I think it was a a faulty vial.