As our community is expanding & becoming global, what are your points to keep the community as one family, with friendly atmosphere that will encourage members to stay and take part in all activities?

I think embracing each person as one individual and being non-judgmental will help. After all not everyone has the same religion, cultural beliefs, and ways of dealing with diabetes. This world is diverse and we should leave it as such but also see everyone as equal. Also trying to grasp a better understanding of what it’s like to have diabetes in a country other than your own. It would be great to get others perspectives. If someone says something in the group and it offends you don’t call them out in front of everyone, send a private message that is constructive that states why you were offended without becoming offensive. Try to work out your differences and see things from another persons eyes.

We can also offer a translation service to those whose native language doesn’t match that of the site.

I hope this helps and teaches love and acceptance. Lord only knows I try to teach this to everyone everyday.

My love always,

Thank you Ali. Your reply was right on target. Positive, constructive and helpful always beat out negative, destructuive and non helpful every time. One of the biggest things that help make our family so good is the positive, loving, helpful support we all give to each other. We all HELP each other. That is what we do here. And it works. We stay a cohesive family unit because that is our focus, our goal. We don’t have to agree all the time. Diversity works too. But we bring it out and discuss it and work at a non offensive way. But we all remember rule number 1. We are a family and we love each other as such. That makes it okay to agree and disagree and come back and work on things. I know I couldn’t be here without the loving support from our family. And i believe you all feel the same way.

Yes my dear Saundra,I would not be here also without the love & support of our family here.So wise Ali & Sandy.We need you Sandy,still lots to do,we just started…

I came across stictly diabetes question in the survey done to know our openion all in how to get the best of our expanding community.There is a group under that title also.
The beauty of this community who embraces groups of different faiths and Art,is to mix members to get them to know each other,diabetes care,culture and other issues.