Euro Disney and Diabetes

Off to Eurodisney on the 17 of Sept. At the moment I test every three hours because I am determined and motivated to lower my hbA. Bit concerned about the whole thing as holidays usually throw my control out the window. Is it possible to have a half decent holiday without losing the run of myself ? How do others manage holidays and still maintain control ?

Disney is a good place to go because there is so much walking involved around the park. That was my experience anyway. All the extra walking helped to keep blood sugars low.

I would just test more, like every hour and a half or so? I sort of "cheat" since I have a CGM but we go to Disneyland (CA) every year or so. We just spent 2 days @ Cedar Point too, and I agree with Cinderfella that the marching around helps keep the BG down, despite the junk food all over the place.

I wonder will my blood sugars go through the roof when I see how much it all costs. I think knowing me there will be quite a bit of cheating going on. The walking will help of course and I will be extra diligent when I return home.

I went to Disney (FL) in 2010 but had a hard time with my sugars they stayed mostly in the 200's for the whole trip. My Parents are going again in Dec but im not going I cant manage my sugars there two well. Thats about it travel wise for me. I'm two scared to travel with this disease. If i didnt have it i would travel more.