I went to disneyland!

I completely lost my mind at Disneyland. Yes, I continued to test my BGs frequently and take my Insulin but I decided to eat whatever I wanted to. The first two days I kept my BGs down with all the walking (miles) even though I was eating cookies, cupcakes, etc etc. But after that it started to catch up with me and no matter how much I walked I started having fastings in the 160s. My highest after meals was 210. I tested and injected wherever I was at (restaurants, benches, etc) and nobody seemed to notice. It was very freeing!!

But now I'm back home, 2 lbs heavier and back on the ol Betes diet. I hope you all are having fun this summer!!!

Glad you enjoyed yourself you took a betes vacation we all need to…good for you!!

Disneyland is totally worth it! Did you go on the Dumbo ride? (my fave is Dumbo) hehe

You will get back on track. :slight_smile:

Sweet, I was at Disney Magic Kingdom Florida two weeks ago and after two small panic attacks that I think were related to high BG’s I made it home. I usually run around 100 to 130 and I would up a couple of times at 230 or so and I think that is what drives me into that panic feeling. I tested frequenlty and my only indulgence was funnel cake. I only made it to Magic Kingdom and Kennedy Space Center.

On the way there I was worried about going low and numbers stayed ok. One 200 before the flight but I figure it would go down with some metformin after a 2.5 hour filght.

Good to know that you made it, i know what insanity it can be at disney.

Also i drank 2 beers after not drinking since I was first diagnosed

Love Disneyland!
Hope you enjoyed it. A diabetes holiday huh? Its nice that you were still on “top” of D. I’m sure you will get back on track again =)

I hope you didn’t ride the “It’s a Small World” ride over and over again. That stuff can damage your brain.

Sadly, I can’t tolerate any level of dietary vaction, but if you dig a little deeper, Disney is actually pretty diabetic friendly. Sifting through the disney community and you can learn all the little secrets for eating low carb at disney.

And I am not kidding about that ride.

bsc, not if you change the lyrics to “It’s a Diabetic World after all” (hehe) :slight_smile:

Great comments guys. And yes, sadly, the song for “Its a Small World” keeps playing on and on in my head now. The funny thing is I worried I would go low there but the" see it eat it diet" prevented anything lower than 78 the whole trip.

That makes me wonder if they also had to reinforce those Astro Orbitors that fly. Imagine not being able to get yours off the ground. oops! Sorry mam, but you exzceed the Magic Kingdom’s weight limit. Perhaps we can interest you in a steel reinforced submarine ride.