Every little Sun beam

Mornings like this make you glad to be alive,clear blue sky not a cloud in sight only vapor trails of people flying here there and everywhere our World looks small from all the way up there but are we not happy to set foot on the ground after a long flight for most of us it is as close as we can get to Heaven without booking a one way ticket there,the sunshine lifts your very being and for a short while we can forget our ills and woes and imagine we are back to being fit and well again,my beloved just phoned to see how I am she is at work she got up at 7am made my breakfast and will return at lunch time to do my dinner being dependent on someone really puts a strain on any relationship gone is the active man about the house workaholic and has been replaced like in that film where alien pods turn into the person they are near when they sleep just the husk of a person full of life now just a vegetable,yet in my mind is the 15 year old lad who was going to conquer the World find a Princess rescue her and live happily ever after the second part of that came true I met a girl fell in love we had 5 children went through hell and high water together and this year we will have been married 44 years some achievement in it’s self.

So on a lovely day like this am i going to let diabetes get me down no chance going to enjoy every little sunbeam that comes my way smudge my sorry our cat is sleeping by my feet stretched out guarding my back so who can be glum when life is like this