Sunshine after the Rain

hi all,

I admit, I have been avoiding the site. I’ve been so down and I couldnt bring myself to “share” with all of you AGAIN. I imagine you getting irritated with me (I think I would, to be honest) and I dont want to lose any friends so it’s better you think I’m doing FINE. That, by the way is the “F” word in my house. Anyway, today I actually do feel a bit better, I’m not as tired as i have been and after a whole week of solid rain, we have sunshine today. That always helps.

My BGs are high, I havent been on the straight & narrow, but lets not dwell on the past. I want to be here today, so today I’ll be. No promises, no sugar coating, no lies. I’m just going to be me, warts and all.

I’m a little emotional, but not depressed. I want to laugh again, out of my tummy. A real laugh, with real feelings of happiness.
Today, I’m going to work on getting my BG’s down and just for today, I want to feel happy. It’s a start.

Hope you all stay well

Well,be happy and be your self. You will never lose your friends.Here I learnt to open up and express my feelings with my friends.
Happy days and years to come.

My dear Debi… friendship doubles our joys, and divides our sorrows. We all have our “moments”. Im so glad that youre doing fine… Indeed…wanting to be happy is a great start =) I pray for many many more sunshines!

I wish you a good day today…and many many good ones to come.

Hi Debi,

Maybe this will give you a chuckle

Hi Debi ! Glad to hear from you today. You know, I am bi-polar and struggle with depression, anxiety and such; I think I can relate to what you’re saying. Also, I love what you are saying about living in the moment. I think as diabetics, we tend to live too much in the future which causes dread (at least for me, anyway) and that can drag us down. Appreciating one day at a time and finding that “happiness of the moment” helps bring more happiness. I know I’m a million miles away from you, but I care, and so do many, many others at TU D. I wish you a care free day tomorrow filled with peace and happiness. Take really good care, ok? Virgil

Hi Debi,
Sorry to hear about the bad times. Everyone has them and its ok to have them. Latley with my DD we have been trying to work as a team. I ask her the number (with no emotion) if its a good number I do tell her that is great. However when its bad I tell her "its ok, remember ““Progress not Perfection”” I love this quote because its true. I got it from The Fly Lady ( Love that site. I now apply it to all parts of my life. It does wonders for her self esteem with the diabetes, cause its not about perfection, thats never going to happen, but we are making progress and that is what we are striving for.
Hope you feel better soon!
Progress NOT Perfection