Hi ! its me again. Did you ever listen to Rascal Flatts. While if you had did you ever listen to EVERDAY? I MEAN! really listen. Or seen the video on CMT? Well thats what I feel like ever since I started pumping. I feel like there are aLL SORTS OF PEOPLE WATCHING OVER ME BESIDES ANGELS!!! I mean its really cool :slight_smile: Its like meeting new friends if not more. And getting lots of love xoxoxox are always WELCOME!!!Its not like i am different from anyone else i am still ME!!! and I ROCK !!! Well I would like to send out and Express!! my THANKS!! AND GRATITUDE. To MY CHRIROPRACTER.He is truely Amazing! and blessed by his hands up above. I was totally Scared! to go the first time. And now i am starting to Smile :)once again. Thanks again. It will be ok!! Things are looking up it is just a challenge i had to deal with. After all I AM ALIVE!!! AND LIFE IS GOOD WHEN YOU ARE BLESSED WITH SUCH CAREING PEOPLE.And the Love you for who you are . diabeticidol94