Oh my god i've started the pump today

Hi there everyone, well after a long wait my pump finally arrived on Friday yes World Diabetes day what a coincidence!!! Anyway i spoke to my nurse yesterday after recieveing the email and i have just been today and had the pump fitted. Feels like a bit of a novety at the minute and feels like it is only going to be there a few days so will be wierd trying to cope fulltime with it ----- so please any advice is welcome and much needed.

Congrats on the pump! I myself have had the omnipod for 4 months now and love it! Its def going to take some getting used to, and getting the basal/boluses set up just right. But in the end its all worth it! Happy Pumping =)

If you search around the pumpers forum, you will find many helpful posts for new pumpers, like this one. Feel free to ask any question or start a new discussion. We are here to help each other, Sarah!