Exciting article about T1 D Vaccine

Hi All,

Wasn’t sure if I should post it here or in the blogs section but I came across this article about a vaccine for T1 D being trialled here in Oz.


Sure its not a cure but heres to hoping, for my childrens’ sake, that it works!

Way cool! The link above didn’t work for me, though. Try this:


If they are creating a vaccine, doesn’t that imply that they know the CAUSE of Type 1? Up until this point, the cause has been uncertain. Genes or environmental? If they can create a vaccine, why not a cure?

Glad they’re working on our disease, but I’m not sold yet.


From my understanding, the scientists know the process of how T1 D comes about (ie the bodies immune system killing the insulin cells) but still do not know what causes this to occur (ie the trigger). From what I read in that article they have found a way to block the immune system from attacking the insulin cells rather that fix the trigger. No matter, as a vaccine is classed as a preventative measure. I imagine that a cure is much harder as they would have to fix the damage already done or somehow kick start the whole insulin producing system in our bodies.

This unfort isn’t going to help those already with the disease but if the vaccine does work it will help get rid of D and for my kids, and my kids kids etc I can only hope that it works.