Type 1 Vaccine

What do you guys think?

Interesting article. If it works without any ill effects to stop diabetes from developing - then I say - great! Only 15 people right now are involved in the study - as one women said - she’s been diabetic too long - and doesn’t expect it to cure her of diabetes - but if her contribution helps - more power. I’d participate if I’d known about it. Anything for the cause right?

What do you think tho’ Ms. Mommy to twin monkeys? You didn’t really voice your feelings except to put the link up for us to read. Would you have your children undergo this - to thwart off the possibility of developing diabetes?

I would give them the choice. But personally, I would go through it first before having my children endure any pain or harm. :slight_smile:

“That might be too much poking for children”

Agreed it is a lot… but a lifetime of needle is a lot more! It is interesting, but not a cure all right… but I cant be selfish. Preventing future generations from having diabetes would be wonderful.

Yes, that is what I would do as well. I know my nephew who was born deaf was given the decision to have a cochlear implant in order for him to hear. They were worried that he would be upset if they had gone ahead without his consent - he had it done at the age of 8 (he’s now 15) - and he has never regretted being able to make his own decision.