So, i joined a few days or so ago and ning deleted my main account and not an extra one i had. anyways. I posted about my blood sugar being high a lot (400-500), and then it was 182. SO! get excited for me, lol, this morning it was 221 and then at lunch it was 191. YES! i am doing my shots and writing it down because i have a bad memory since i was on neurontin for 3 months.

I am happy to report that its going down and down. Thanks for the support!

I thought I had seen you before! Way to go!!! Keep up the good work!!

Yeah, my account was deleted, lol Thank you, i am very excited about this! i have a special bag to keep all my diabetic stuff in, I making a bad situation into a new learning experience

Good news and good for you!


Like Robyn said: GOOD FOR YOU!!!