Exercise and blood sugar

I am wanting to start running I just checked my sugar and I was 180 I went and ran for just 10 minuites and when I came back in my sugar was 205 .
Is that normal I always thought exercise made blood sugar go low .

Also depends on how much insulin you had on board. No amount of exercise will bring your BGs down if you don't have enough IOB.

There's a good chart in "Think Like a Pancreas" and "Pumping Insulin" about "cutting" boluses and basal rate adjustments for exercising. I've used it pretty well and survived bolusing during a couple of races, although generally I try to avoid it and stay flat. It's really important to test as much s possible when trying new things out, see what works and work to improve it, just like you'd try to run faster, or more smoothly or whatever?

often the more intense (for your own fitness level), you will spike....the long, slow, steady stuff tends to drop. It wont spike forever though, keep it in mind! I assume we are all a little different, but this seems to be a popular pattern

Have yourself tested for insulin antibodies, this is an example of
what may happen, just another bump in the road…

would they check for that at my yearly blood work

No, ask yoir endo to test you for it.

No, ask yoir endo to test you for it.

No, ask your endo to run the test.

In my experience it'd be hard to understand what is going on by checking on either side of 10 minutes of exercise. If you were 180 (and rising) and then 205 10 minutes later after exercising-- who knows, maybe you'd have been 250 without it.

I definitely notice that cardio type exercise over longer lengths of time bring my levels down pretty quickly. getting a better mental picture of this topic is something CGM helped me grasp a lot.

Intense exercise raises my BG. A spike, followed by a low hours later. The more strenuous, the higher I go. This can be an adrenaline reaction. More moderate exercise doesn't have this effect on me.

Thanks guys for all your help ,I wat to start out slow to see it seems like I have a delayed reaction and go low during the night wake up low .
This is the times I just want to be able to do something without having to worry about going low .thanks big D for picking me

Monster spike! I skipped lifting last Friday as I was drained from the heat (100+ since the prior Saturday?) so today was the first day back at it. I tested at like 73 so had 1/2ish cup of almond milk, like 8 carbs. Then I lifted and then jumped rope for 20 minutes and it blew right up! I took the CB plus bolus and ate breakfast anyway and the rest of the day was smooth...

Nice how quickly you got it down!

That worked out perfect . I need to exercise more lol but I am a little on the lazy side right now I would rather nap