Exercise and bs

Does any one notice if blood sugars are better with morning versus evening exercise? ( i am type 2 on metformin only) I ma still having trouble getting my fasting bs under 130. the dietician think 1/2 a sandwich at bedtime might help but I hate giving up my calories/carbs/proteins when I am hungrier during the day!!

I’m on Metformin too and my fasting bs has always been high. My doc made me stop eating fruit after dinner and start taking my Metformin at dinner time…These 2 things together has brought it down from 160 to about 130-140 in 2 mths. I’m not sure about the exercise though…I exercise at different times so I’m not too sure.

Thanks for your reply! I take my Metformin ER with dinner…I’m seeing my M.D. in a couple of weeks, so I will see what she thinks of FBS of 130’s

My dad is on Metformin and he told me that a half a green apple or a few nuts at bed time actually helps his morning blood sugar. Perhaps you can eat less than half a sandwich, but try having a small snack to see if it helps.

I’ve swithched my metformin to right before bed ( around midnight) and then I take the second one as soon as I wake up. High morning numbers are caused by dawn phenomenom. Our bodies produce hormones in the early morning hours that signal our liver to produce more glucose and our bgs go up. Lots of people have found a late night snack helps with this. I’ve tried many things but the thing that works best for me is Breyers, Carb Smart ice cream chocolate covered bars ( 9 carbs and 5 net carbs). My morning numbers have been around 110-120. I find the earlier I take my bg the lower it its. Somewhere between 6 and 7 am my numbers start to rise. That is when i take my metformin. I do exercise both in the morning and in the evening. Whenever I exercise my bg’s will go up. Since I don’t think take insulin when I exercise and use up my glucose my body wants to produce more thus my bgs will rise. But usually as soon as I eat it will return to normal.

That is great info! I didn’t know about dawn phenomenom. The last 2 nights I ate about 10 almonds before bedtime and my morning numbers were 110 & 113. Now that school is getting ready to start I am getting up earlier as my daughter has to be at high school at 7am. I am going to exercise at the gym right after I drop her off…hopefully this will help. THANKS EVERYONE!

I actually am able to defeat dawn phenomenon, much of the time anyway, by taking one of my 3 daily metformin tablets when I wake up for the bathroom around 3 AM. Weird, but it works.