Whenever I walk on the treadmill–about two miles, I go low and have to stop go and eat something. What is the best way to prevent this? I have been buying a protein bar and eating that before I start and/or drinking Vitamin Water over the course of exercise as it has small amounts of sugar. It doesn’t take long for me to start going low–only 30 minutes or so. If I walk in at 110-120 within a short time I am at 70 and starting to feel funny. Carol

Hi Carol.

Shortly after I was diagnosed and taking 500 mgs of Metformin I experienced what you do now. I started eating a proten and complex carb like beans (protein) and brown rice so it burned slowly (evenly) while I ran. I did not get the high ups and down. May be trying eating a complex carb, like a high fiber cereal and Mike (for protein) of exercising.

My status is this; I am like you in that I am not on meds as of a few weeks ago. Before that I was taking a half of tablet (250mgs) of Metformin for about a year. I am tightly controlled by diet and exercise. I run at least 45 minutes on the treadmill four to five days a week. I walk on the days I do not run.

My ups and downs 1& 2
#1 Sometimes I wake up in the morning( 1am to 4am) and I am low so I pop a Glucose Tablet( 15 mgs of carbs) and than I can go back to sleep, but when I get up at about five or six my bgs are around 120 or so. After I have hot cereal for breakfast I come back down within about two hours.

My other situation is that I will wake up and I am like in the 80 or 90s before I run (no breakfast). After my run I am over a 100 but it will come down after I eat a post run breakfast. I have been told that the liver will release sugars if it senses you need it.
I think juice will elevate you pretty quick so it may be best to eat an orange or apple instead so you get the fiber to slow down the sugars entering your system.

The best times for exercise for me I fine is a half hour to hour after I have had breakfast, because that is the time when my bs will rise most and keeps me away from lows, eating lean protein before a workout helps alot!