Exercising with retinopathy?

Hi, I was just wondering what exercises you can do with retinopathy. I understand that running is not an option (thank God I despise running :slight_smile:) but can I jump rope? I love jump roping when I get bored but I’m not sure if that can cause another bleed. Also, what about bicycle crunches and pushups? And weight lifting?

I asked my ophthalmologist whether it was still safe to stand on my head with retinopathy (yes, I used to do that every day as an exercise), and he said yes. What I found was the worst risk of retinopathic breaks was episodes of hypoglycemia (how ironic) or travelling by plane, where the reduced pressure probably made it easier for the fragile neovascularization to break.

I have retinopathy. I like to walk, swim and bike ride.

I have never been one for jogging, rough team sports or aerobics anyway.

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I have a different type of retinopathy. No weight lifting. I exercise in the pool,walk,exercise bike. I love my pool. Nancy50

No weight lifting, I think I agree with that. I am right now on the second day of a bleed in my ‘good’ eye. This eye first went in 2017 and now has decided to go again. I think it is more clear than usual, usually these take two months before I can drive. My hubby just had to start a second job at night, and I feel like I need to be able to drive if necessary for such things as taking care of my 92 yr old mom. Retinopathy stinks…:frowning:

How about roller coasters? I love roller coasters!