Diabetic Retinopathy and hemorrhages on outside surface of eye

So, yeah.

Live Brazilian Jiujitsu training this morning and popped a vessel on the outside surface of my eye. It's nice and red. I also have non-proliferative retinopathy but haven't noticed any vision changes since I started training seriously again last month, or since this incident this morning.

Never had this happen before. I do plan to call my opthamologist tomorrow to get some advice and maybe schedule an appointment but i'm just wondering if anybody here has had some experience with something like this and has any advice to offer.

I'm starting to get my grappling legs back under me and had some good training this morning. I'd hate to be forced back on the sideline because of something like this.


For future reference, saw my opthomologist today.

The injury is unrelated to retinopathy. Can happen to anybody at anytime. Green light given to continue training.

Yep, retinopathy involves damage to the blood vessels of the retina, which is the nerve layer lining the back inner surface of the eye. The blood vessels on the outside of the eye are completely unrelated. :)

I agree with Jen. Junior and I were playing rambunctiously when she was like 2 or 3 and she poked me in the eye and it turned red and went away with no problems at ll.

My workout partner had a bleed from weightlifting. He saw a dr, who told him it would just heal. I later asked my opthamologist about it and he said that strenuous activities could cause a rupture of a surface blood vessel and that it was pretty common and not known to be related to diabetes. It often occurs from straining (like what happened to you). Particularly when you hold your breath during an exertion, your blood pressure can rise significantly. That is when you have these sorts of things.

We now joke to each other that "we are going to the gym to make our eyes bleed." Another good one is "traffic was so bad today, it made my eyes bleed."

Yeah, I was really concerned but my optho was good enough to see me with really short notice. Went something like this...

Me: So, this is not serious?
Optho: Nope, people get them all the time. It should clear up in couple of weeks.
Me: So, it's not related to my retinopathy?
Optho: Nope, could happen from exertion like with you, or for no reason at all.
Me: Should we check out my retinas anyway?
Optho: We could, but you're regular check-up is in a couple of months. There's no reason to put you through all of that now.
Me: So I can continue training?
Optho: Yeah, enjoy jiujitsu.

Yeah, we've talked about weightlifting a few times. I've hit the weights pretty hard over the years but have never had this happen before. This time, I was live training at a good pace, but it didn't seem like anything that would raise my BP unusually high. He did lock in a pretty good triangle choke I had to tap out of. Maybe that did it.