Its 4am and I’m really tired. I could use a shot of hope right now. This gastroparesis has changed everything. Just when I think I’ve figured out diabetes and shots and food and everything – new rules. Changed all my meds. Changed all my food. Changed my schedule. I’m up all night with diarrhea so I’m just tired. Until the new insulin orders I was up all night with lows – at least that’s a little better. But if I’m low I can’t just eat something. I have to drink some juice. And because of all that, I’m probably just as cranky as they come. I don’t like that. Its bad enough that diabetes is unpredictable. But this is even MORE unpredictable. and that makes control just that much harder. I don’t know if its connected but it seems my neuropathy is worse.

Gosh I sound like a whiner. But I’m just exhausted.

7am and up all night again. I can’t sleep. My stomach is rumbling and groaning and won’t settle. I had such a simple dinner last night – nothing upsetting. Where does this come from??? Really tired again.

Sorry for the late response, I’m a GP newbie. I really relate to this. My diabetes dx was 11 years ago so I dont’ remember as well, but this feels so much more unpredictable and harder to adjust to than diabetes did. It really is affecting my mood and my relationships. I am exhausted and moody, always nauseated, and have trouble finding ways to socialize that also meet my needs. At any rate, know that you’re certainly not alone in these feelings!

thank you. a dose of hope is always welcome.