I've not posted for a long time, although I've been visiting periodically. Today, though, I just need to gripe a little. Generally speaking I've got a fairly good handle on my health. It's been a little shakey since I had hand surgery at the end of February which meant about a month off all the exercise I can bring myself to do (hate running; won't run), and since then work has been interfering with getting my desired level of activity going again. So my insulin needs have moved around a fair bit, but I'm on a pump, and I just started a CGM, so I feel like I'm on it.

And then last night kicked me in the head. I was at my friends' place, helping them do some prep work for a large party they're hosting tomorrow. They grabbed some take-out for dinner, so I checked my sugar, set my extended bolus, and peeked at the CGM a few times to see that things seemed to be under control.

I know that one can't trust a CGM to be accurate, but one would at least hope that if it was telling you that you're BG is steady, it's probably not rocketing into the stratosphere. I checked my sugar about 3 hours after dinner when I got home, and it was rather high. Took a correction bolus, settled with a book for a short time, and went to bed. A few hours later, high alarm. Checked. Sugar only down a small amount, correction bolus, back to sleep. Again high alarm, more bolus, sleep. Alarm, ragey bolus, turned off alarm. Fitful sleep, and stayed in bed after my normal "time to get up" alarm. Still somewhat high when I tested before breakfast.

Now I feel like total crap and I have no idea how I'm going to drag my sorry ■■■ through the day. I hate diabetes to ever be a reason to be late for work or to hamper my capacity to do my job or anything else, but on a morning like this, all I want to do is go back home and nap on my couch.

Also I'm noticing that this is about the third time it's happened that a late night correction bolus seems to be near-useless. Is there something about needing to be moving around or at least awake for insulin to do its job that I don't know about?! Of course it makes no sense, but damn, after all the ragey bolusing last night I shouldn't have still been looking at high numbers 12 hours after my dinner.

Anyway, just needed to whine at some people who have been there and done that, and know how sometimes no matter how well one is normally dealing, they still occasionally have a really crap night.