Expect COVID19-related hiccups in DME supply chain?

(Apologies if someone already posted on the subject but nothing came back on a topic search.)

What is the likelihood of encountering difficulties in obtaining CGM or pump supplies given supply-chain hiccups?

Don’t know if anything we use is manufactured in China. That certainly led Apple to revise sales estimates based on supply. On the other hand, while most stocks were diving the last couple of days, both Insulet and Dexcom were gaining (at least at one point).

Just saw a relevant article on the AP, which starts:

“Health officials reported the first U.S. drug shortage tied to the viral outbreak that is disrupting production in China, but they declined to identify the manufacturer or the product.

The Food and Drug Administration said late Thursday that the drug’s maker recently contacted officials about the shortage, which it blamed on a manufacturing issue with the medicine’s keY ingredient. Regulators stressed that alternative medicines are available to treat patients.

The FDA previously said it had reached out to 180 drug manufacturers and asked them to check their supply chain and report any potential disruptions. The agency also said it had identified 20 drugs produced or sourced exclusively from China, but it declined to name them


Thank you, Tim, for posting article and link. I must admit to a level of empathy for those who attempt to learn of food and/or ingredient sourcing…

I recall a statistic indicating that one-quarter of consumable goods are manufactured in China - but that seems a ridiculously low percentage when considering the manufacture and assembly of components. And China would not be the only country of concern since the components of many a product also go through Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, India, etc.

Medtronic pump components are manufactured in China and Malaysia, but I could not locate information as to country of component assembly. And because Dexcom seems chronically to have G5 transmitters on backorder (unsure of G6) it seemed logical to presume that the existing availability issues, which long pre-date manufacturing interruptions caused by COVID19 containment measures, will be exacerbated.

I’m good. Got plenty of all the diabetic essentials to last for a LONG time.

Yea, I’d be more concerned about oral medications, like blood pressure meds or aspirin, than device shortages.